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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Oh Summer, How We Love Thee

Happy Saturday once more Mommy's Block Party readers! Since it's summer vacation, the fact that it's the weekend really doesn't make too much of a difference except for the fact that Matt is  (usually) home from work, which we love.

Checking Out the Bison at Beardsley Zoo Last Weekend!

Our first week of summer vacation has been pretty incredible. We've been to the park almost every day, have had sleepovers almost every night, had a crafting day, and the girls have made a few new (park) friends. I love watching how easy it is for them to just go up to another kid and say "let's play" and off they go. Most of the time it's awesome, but yesterday we hit "a snag" and I'm glad it started raining so we had an excuse to leave! 

Enjoying a Game at the Park Before the Rain  

Getting Ready to Craft with Fibre-Craft's Paper Pals Kit

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Thankfully, Drew was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates today, so it's been decided that this morning would be a laid back one. This child has a pretty awesome social calendar for the summer, including invitations to go camping (with her Grandparents), birthday parties nearly every 2 weeks (starting with today's), and of course all of the items to check off of this year's Summer Bucket List! 

Now, to figure out what kind of gift to get for an 8 year old boy......

I hope you are enjoying your summer and have a great weekend! 


  1. We love taking the kids to the park. I believe the kids should know that playing outside means actually playing, not just sitting outside with your tablet.

    1. Outdoor play beats any kind of indoor play! Every time :-)

  2. Those look like some really fun craft kits!

    1. They are so great. The review and giveaway post is up, make sure you enter!


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