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Weekends with the Wigglesworth- First Official Day of Summer Vacation!

It's FINALLY here. The first official weekend of SUMMER! Sorry for the caps, but I am "shouting" because I am so so so excited. 

I Can Hardly Wait for Lazy Days at the Beach 

Today, we are heading to the Beardsley Zoo. The girls have no idea, they just know a big surprise is in store. My sisters Lindsay and Mariah and my nephews are meeting us there and I can't wait to see how excited the girls get when they realize what we are doing for the day.

From Our Zoo Visit Last Year

Tomorrow is Father's Day and the weather is calling for rain, which is not so great for the barbecue we had planned, but thankfully we have backup plans to head to a local Italian restaurant. Drew is so excited because we got the shirt she wanted for Matt and she made a Father's Day project for him at school. 

I'm hoping Monday is nice so we can spend the day at the park, but worst case scenario is that we head to the bowling alley so that we can get out of the house and the girls can bowl 2 Free Games . No matter what the weather is like, I am just looking forward to enjoying every day this summer with my girls! 



  1. I hope the girls enjoy their surprise.

  2. Your Girls will be jumping with joy when they realize they are going to the zoo! My children always loved going to the zoo. The only problem I encountered is that everytime we went a Bird would poop on her head! I am not kidding you. She had white blonde hair. I don't know if that was why or what. I would have to find a bathroom quick she was bawling her eyes out! lol! My Youngest daughter had Brown hair and she never had that happen to her! Memories!!


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