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The Perfect Fit for Dad: Kore Essentials Trackline Belt #FathersDayGiftGuide

Hubby is the sort of guy who never wears a pair of pants or shorts without a belt. He has a wide assortment of them, too. There are his work belts, everyday belts, and then his dressy belts. Sacha has longed for a belt that can be worn for both dressy and casual affairs, and offers a perfect, comfortable fit. The idea seemed pretty impossible.


Little did we realize, KORE Essentials had just the belt we were looking for! 
It all started when the founder's wife presented him with a thoughtful dept. store belt, hoping to update his wardrobe. Unfortunately, the belt holes just weren't lining up for him that day. He tried to do what many men wind up doing (including my husand), and punched through a few new holes, ruining the belt in the process. Knowing there had to be a better way for men to be able to wear and enjoy well-fitting, stylish and functional belts, KORE Essentials was born.

KORE Essentials unvelied their Trakline belt designs on Kickstarter, and haven't looked back! These belts have a built in track, instead of belt holes. This makes the belt fully adjustable, so you can achieve the perfect fit every time!

We were fortunate enough to be able to try out a Trakline Belt from KORE Essentials for ourselves. When I explained the concept of the belt to my husband, he was absolutely intrigued. He couldn't wait to see the belt in action, and try it on.

"Intrepid" Stainless Steel  |  Brown belt. Our most popular, automatic buckle design. Free USA Shipping. Fits all waists sizes from 24" to 44" (XL to 54").  The ultimate mens belt for work, play, dress.
Sacha received the"Intrepid" Stainless Steel | Brown belt. KORE's most popular, automatic buckle design. Free USA Shipping. Fits all waists sizes from 24" to 44" (XL to 54"). The ultimate mens belt for work, play, dress.
*Black, Brown, Grey, White available.
Extra leather belts available- belt only for additional charge.
Buy buckles alone to interchange them with belts.

Here's the Intrepid Belt in Brown Leather from KORE Essentials.

This handsome belt is perfect for wearing with a casual outfit, or for office wear, special occasions, etc. Sacha has loved wearing his new belt after he's home from a day on the job, on the weekends, to church, and more! He loves the caftsmanship, and thinks it's incredibly cool that you can snip off the end of the leather belt if it's too long, to get the right length for your body type.

Here's a look at the inside of the buckle, which is adjustable, and can be interchanged with other belts.

This is the track system on the underside of the belt.

It is so brilliant to have a track system, instead of holes. You are able to click the belt into place for the right fit. The buckle actually catches on the track, and to adjust it, all you have to do is push down on the little spring, which will lift the bar on the belt buckle, so you can slide it over.

There is a nubered guide on the inside of the belt, giving you an idea of where to adjust the belt according to waist size.

Hubby and I are on the South Beach Diet right now, which is designed to allow rapid weight loss within the first two weeks. He loves that this belt easily adjusts with his slimming waistline!

Along with loving the belt and the design, Sacha loves the stainless belt buckle! It's such a sleek design, which he is proud to wear. He has already been showing off his Trakline Belt from KORE Essentials to other guys at church- telling them they've got to get their hands on one!

#1 Rated Trakline leather belts. New automatic buckle design. Free USA Shipping. Shop our men's and women's casual and dress leather belts.

KORE Essentials makes is easy not only to achieve the perfect fit, but to create a style you love. Select a belt color, and buckle- mix and match, and change them up!

You can also get a Trakline Belt Hanger, which makes it easy to hang and store two belts, side by side!

Sacha and I think that the Trakline Belts from KORE Essentials are truly genius! There are so many belt colors and buckles to choose from, in various sizes. Plus, there are even belts for women! Yes, we can have ours, as well! Perfect for the professional, the gal on the go, etc! I don't think Sacha will ever go back to wearing a regular old belt again. Why waste the money on one? These belts make amazing gifts! I can't wait to order one for my dad for Christmas! He's going to love it! These are awesome for Father's Day, as well!

Want one? Get one!

Head on over to KORE Essentials to learn more about Trakline belts & more! Be sure to read the semi-humorous, yet inspiring story of how it all began. Check out KORE Essentials on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Youtube and Tumblr!

Special thanks to KORE Essentials for allowing us to experience their amazing Trakline Belt!

Stay stylish, guys and gals!

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