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Summer Fun That Sticks: InRoad Toys PlayTape #Review

It's summertime and the kids are out of school. We're lucky that B's school has a summer play group that meets certain weeks during the summer, and we can send him off to play group to play and learn during the morning hours. When B gets home from play group, he's already tired and worn out, and on the verge of crankiness, so I have to have cool activities prepared to keep my little guy busy. 

InRoad Toys

We were recently introduced to InRoad Toys, makers of the awesome PlayTape! InRoad Toys develops groundbreaking, enduring, high play value toys with broad applicability across age groups. At the International Toy Fair in NYC in February 2014, InRoad Toys debuted PlayTape® - Fun That Sticks™. When creator Andy's son, Brian Musliner was three years old, all he wanted for Christmas was a big box of toy cars- so that's what he got. They quickly noticed, however, that there were tons of toy cars on the market, but hardly any roads to drive them on! This sent Andy on a 12-year quest to design the perfect toy for building roads…anywhere. In 2014, the world was introduced to PlayTape, the fastest, best way to create roads. Now almost 16, Brian works on strategy and merchandising for the product he so desperately needed when he was a young boy. Today, PlayTape is available, and it's the fastest, easiest way to create roads- at home or on the go... just roll it out, stick it down, and tear it off the roll!

My little car lover was so excited to open up a package containing InRoad PlayTape to test out!

We received the railway tape, and roadway tape.

Each pack of tape was individually wrapped, and printed to look like the road, or the railway! B wanted to try them both out right away, so he picked out some spots in the dining room for us to try the tape out on. B went right for the roadway tape, first. It was easy enough for us to roll out and stick down to the floor together. I love it when we receive products that he can help me set up!

B instructed me to make a rectangle with the Roadway PlayTape on the floor, so he could use his Hot Wheels on it.

I love the ease of use of the PlayTape... just peel, and stick!

The railway PlayTape was also a blast!

B really had fun setting up his cars and play sets around the Roadway PlayTape, and loved the Railway PlayTape, as well! He set up little towns around the taped areas, and added his trains to the tracks, and cars to the roads. B played for hours with the PlayTape, which made both of us very happy.

My husband also loves to play with toy cars and trains with our son, and he thought PlayTape was pretty genius! He asked, 'Why didn't we have stuff like this when we were growing up?' It would have been nice. My boys played and played, zooming the cars down the strips of tape! They truly had a blast. As per usual, it was my job to clean it all up. I carefully pulled the tape back, and noticed that the seal on my hardwood floors was coming up in some areas- it was stuck to the tape. I wasn't thrilled that this happened, but truth be told- it could be because the floors were refinished incorrectly. Just keep that in mind when you use the PlayTape, and I would not advise leaving it on a wooden floor for an extended period of time. It's similar to masking tape, and should come right up, but that will depend on the seal of your floor.

Classic Road Series Black
Features of the PlayTape 
by InRoad Toys

PlayTape® - Fun that Sticks!™

Printed to look like a road, PlayTape Classic Road Series is a roll of removable tape that’s perfect for playing with die-cast toy and model cars like HotWheels® and Matchbox®. PlayTape is the fastest way to create roads for imaginative play, display, or decoration.

PlayTape has been specifically designed to bring hours of imaginative entertainment at minimal cost and maximal convenience. With a single roll of PlayTape Classic Road Series, you can create a road or a whole city. Use the toy cars you already have to drive on PlayTape. Use the blocks and toy buildings you already have to build a town through which PlayTape traffic flows. Create places real or imaginary. The possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.

Everyone loves tape. Now you can legitimately play with it. Drive on!

Ideal for creating roads for playing with toy cars, trains, etc.
Sticks to any flat surface
Easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required
Repositionable – mistake proof!
Easy removal, leaves no residue
Ideal for children of all ages 3+, including adult hobbyists
Imagination-centric, with no batteries, no electronics, and no screens
Easily stored and transported. Take fun everywhere!
Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable
100% made in the USA

PlayTape is available in various sizes and colors, therefore prices vary (starting at $7.99/roll). We love the cool orange, blue and purple Roadway PlayTape, and the Thomas and Friends Railway PlayTape!

When we went to NJ from NC for a vacation last summer, B brought some cars and play sets along. They took up a ton of room! This summer, we'll be making the same trip, and bringing plenty of PlayTape along, so B can play with his cars, wherever we go! We can even make a little roadway on the lapdesk he uses in the car! Awesome! PlayTape is perfect for boys and girls, ages 3+, and I highly recommend purhasing a roll and giving this a try! Your kids will love it!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to InRoad Toys to learn more about PlayTape and to browse their cool products! You can also connect with InRoad Toys on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and Instagram!

Special thanks to InRoad Toys for allowing us to experience and share about PlayTape! We can't wait to hit the road with it this summer!

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