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Sand Cloud: Beach Towels Done Differently #MySandCloud

Like many moms, I am usually the one who gets stuck lugging everyone's belongings around. My husband and son are constantly asking me to carry their 'stuff,' and it was no different when we were on our recent beach vacation. My beach bag was loaded down with big towels, snacks, flip flops, and few beach toys, books, and sunscreen. I was able to simply add my towel to the bag, or wrap it around myself as wear as a sarong- but I didn't use just any old beach towel this year.

I was able to have my very own, beautiful beach towel (and I wouldn't let anyone else use it!), courtesy of Sand Cloud. Sand Cloud came about when three friends got together with a shared vision: to protect the beaches, ocean, marine life, and lifestyle we love by building a company that not only represents this vision, but gives back to help fund non-profits that support our cause. Since day one we’ve worked to create beautiful, innovative products to inspire people and help create awareness.
Sand Cloud offers gorgeous towels, which are beautifully designed, and make a statement. The folks behind Sand Cloud believe that the beach lifestyle is something you never have to grow out of. For us the beach means freedom, friendship, and communing with nature. It’s a place to express your unique individuality and style while you share good vibes. Every day at the beach replenishes your spirit so you can live your life with passion. I couldn't agree more.

I fell in love with Sand Cloud's vision, and their beautiful towels. Honestly, I had never used anything but bulky old beach towels when on beach trips, and I was ready for a change.

I was sent one of Sand Cloud's newest towel designs: Iris.

I was happy to receive additional information about Sand Cloud. I love working with and supporting companies who love to give back, and that's exactly what Sand Cloud aims to do. When you purchase Sand Cloud products, you help to preserve and protect beaches, oceans, and marine life. 10% of net profits are donated to organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation and Oceana. Both of these non-profits work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all of us.

My Iris towel by Sand Cloud looked gorgeous, and before I took it out of the packaging, I could already see the beautiful craftsmanship and hard work that went into creating this work of art.

I was very excited to get out on the beach with my Sand Cloud towel. We brought along folding chairs to set out on the beach, and they're okay design-wise, but I didn't really want to sit on one without it having a cover over it. I draped my Sand Cloud towel over my chair, and the chair was instantly transformed from a plain old camping/beach chair to a calm and peaceful place to relax.

My Sand Cloud Iris towel provided me a soft, lush chair cover to sit on while I read and watched the waves crash onto the sand.

One afternoon while at the beach, I was sitting alone for over an hour. It was a bit chilly, and the wind was picking up. I simply pulled my chair closer to the water, and covered up a bit with my Sand Cloud towel- sort of like a thin blanket. It was during that time that I felt the most at peace that week. The tasseled ends of the towel just danced in the sea breeze, and I felt at one with nature.

Of course... that peaceful feeling could only last for so long. I was eventually joined by my cohorts, and the chaos once again ensued. We had a fantastic week enjoying the beautiful Ocean Isle Beach, though. I only got into the water to 'swim' once or twice. The rest of the time, I never went in past my waist. I was happy to have my Sand Cloud towel to wrap up in. I could easily lay it out over the sand and then lay down to dry in the sun, or I was able to just wrap it around myself.

The towel's thin design made it possible for me to wrap up in it and wear it like a sarong.

Everyone on the trip loved the gorgeous design on the Iris towel, too.

I have even been finding use for the Sand Cloud Iris Towel at home. I love taking it out on the front porch with me. I use it in the evenings, to cover up with, or I sometimes use it in the backyard when I'm sitting under our shade tree, reading. Sand Cloud towels are great for the beach, the pool, to take along on a picnic, for evenings around a fire pit, star-gazing, yoga class, etc.

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Details of the Sand Cloud Iris Towel

This Bohemian inspired towel represents good vibes and a free spirit. Take it on any adventure or throw it up on your wall for d├ęcor – the possibilities are endless!  Free your mind and live in style.

Free Shipping on all US orders.
40×68″ Hand-loomed in Turkey, 100% Turkish Cotton.
Machine wash cold, air dry.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you aren’t happy send it back for a full refund!

Sand Cloud Towels make beautiful gifts for the beach-lover, the graduate, the free-spirit, or anyone! 
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Want one? Get one!

Head on over to Sand Cloud to browse all of their beautiful towels, and other products, as well. Sand Cloud offers free shipping on all US orders. While you're there, be sure to read more about Sand Cloud's mission to give back. Remember- 10% of every purchase goes to give back to marine life and protecting our environment. You can also connect with Sand Cloud through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, YouTube, and the Sand Cloud blog!

Special thanks to Steven and the Sand Cloud team for allowing me to experience the beauty of Sand Cloud Towels and share about my experience.

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