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Leave the Beach at the Beach Thanks to Sandusa Towels #Review #BeachGuide

When I think of summertime, my mind drifts off to the beach. It's just a natural train of thought for this East Coast girl. My dad spent his summers down the Jersey Shore when he was growing up, at the family bungalow, and even though he's a tad older, he still loves the beach. My sis and I weren't strangers to the shore growing up (we call it the beach here in NC), and I will take any chance I can get to head that way. I plan on making the beach area my home, one of these days.

Packing for a beach trip isn't so dreamy, though- especially when you're packing for a family. I tend to go overboard when I pack us all up for a week at the beach, and this year, I made a strong effort to bring less than usual along with us.

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Beach towels tend to take up a lot of room when we're beachin' it, and I vowed to keep the towels to a minimum this trip. I wanted some basic towels that we could dry off with, and one large towel that we could lay out on (a must, even under the shade of a beach umbrella).

When I came across Sandusa, I spotted their incredible beach towels, and noticed how well-designed they were. They looked like the perfect towels to spread out on the sand and relax on.  Sandusa is an Australian company, specializing in brilliantly designed beach towels with a nylon backing.  The Sandusa is the world's first sand-resistant beach towel, created by Baz Brown, an avid surfer and keen beach-goer. Tired of wet, sandy towels, he set about developing the concept of the Sandusa, which is now sold all over the world.

Check it out...

I was excited for the opportunity to connect directly with Baz. I have a soft spot for Australia in my heart (hello- I love Hillsong, and they're based in Australia as well), and hope to visit their beautiful country one day! Baz kindly offered to send me some Sandusa products to check out (yes- all the way from Australia!), and I couldn't wait for them to arrive!

My Sandusa towel came individually packaged, and all wrapped up. 

I loved the colors of the Sandusa towel right away- blue, orange, and red- nice and summery! I was impressed by the size of the towel, as well: Dimensions: 85cm x 160cm. I knew this towel would be perfect for our family to enjoy while splashing and playing out on the beach for a week!

This little fish couldn't quite wait for the beach trip, so he wrapped himself up in the Sandusa towel. He agreed that it was going to be awesome for our beach trip!

Once we hit the beach, we laid our Sandusa towel out on the sand.

The towel gave us the perfect place to lounge- both in or out of the sun.

B loved sitting on the towel, while playing in the sand. He also ran all over it (notice the sandy footprints.) with wet, sand feet. The worst thing about wet beach towels is that they get totally soaked, and covered with sand. It's like the towels just soak that sand up, and then you drag it back with you, wherever you go next. With the Sandusa towel, the nylon backing prevents water from going through, so it stays dry on the bottom. This is such a wonderful feature! We were lucky enough to have a house on the beach during our last beach trip, but if we hadn't, we'd be lugging towels a block over from the beach, or worse- to the car!

Take a look at the backing- a smooth nylon prevents sand from sticking to the towel- it falls right off!

The Sandusa towel made it so easy for me to pick up, give a quick shake, and head back to the house at the end of the day. The sand just fell away. Even the sand on the top of the towel fell away. It's one of the most comfortable towels I have ever laid out on the beach on, and was wide enough to sit on two at a time.

The other wonderful thing about the Sandusa beach towel, is that it's machine washable. I don't like towels that can't just be thrown into a load in the washing machine. Don't give me fancy and frilly- give me functional, and low-key! Give me Sandusa!

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Features of the Sandusa Beach Towel Kirra Blue Grande

The original Sandusa beach towel design. Stand out in style with blue, orange and red stripes, for a bright beach towel with a difference.

100% cotton toweling and nylon underside;
Dimensions: 85cm x 160cm;
Weight: 900g
Machine Washable
Prices include shipping worldwide and will arrive within 7-20 days.
Please note this is the larger of our two size options – Want less towel? try our Regular sized Sandusa Beach Towel.

I also received some other fabulous Sandusa goodies...

I received a gorgeous Sandusa bikini!

The Relleciga B Retro Bikini was a bit too teeny for this modest momma, but since I'm on a strict diet right now, and slimming down, I'll look forward to trying this beautiful women's swimsuit out again in a few weeks. I love the beautiful details around the halter neck (halter is my favorite suit style, by the way), and love the cute details on the bottoms, as well. You can't go wrong with black, either- every gal needs a cute, go-to black swimsuit!

Features of the Relleciga B Retro Bikini

General Description:
Perfect sizing makes a splash with our Yellow Storm –RELLECIGA Jungle Jewel 1/2 Cup Bandeau with Mild Push-up Molded Foam Padding Bikini Set. Bubbly and lots of fun, this bikini set feels ultra fit & comfortable.

-1/2 cup bandeau with mild push-up molded foam padding
-Enhanced hardware back-closure
-Ties at neck with Jungle Jewel design
-Ultra fit & comfortable design
-80% polyamide and 20% spandex

We also received these snazzy Sandusa shades! Isn't B lookin' fly?

I was extra excited about the Sandusa's King Brown Shades! I am a firm believer that one cannot have too many pair of sunglasses! I am picky when it comes to eye wear, though, so I really needed to try these out to see if they would be a good fit. I like that these shades are sturdy, they're shaped to actually fit your face without falling off (thank you, ski slope nose.), and they offer noticeable protection from the sun. Plus, if you haven't noticed, they're pretty chic! Don't come knockin' on my door- I'm not sharing!

Image result for sandusa king brown shades

Features of the Sadusa King Brown Shades

Grab a pair of Sandusa sunnies and enjoy life on the bright side.

CE UV400 Category 3 crystal clear black tint lenses
metal hinges
includes soft sunglasses case
Prices are in US Dollars and includes shipping worldwide (7-20days)

I can't thank Sandusa enough for sharing some of their awesome beach product offerings with my family! I highly recommend the Sandusa towel for your next trip to the beach. No one likes tracking sand into the car or house, and with the Sandusa, that problem is completely eliminated!
Stock up on Sandusa before your next trip to the beach!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Sandusa to learn more about their fabulous sand and water-resistant towels. While you're browsing the towels, be sure to check out their other great products, like swimwear & accessories! Connect with Sandusa through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Special thanks to Baz & the Sandusa team for allowing my family to experience and share about their wonderful beach products!

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