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Getting to Know You Thursdays with Ondria

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder and Editor, Ondria.

Good Eats-What's for Dinner Tonight?
We may be having dinner out with my family tonight after our musicians rehearsal at our church. If not, it'll be something quick, like chicken quesadillas.

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Whatcha Reading?
I am reading several books right now...

The Virgin's Lover, Philipa Gregory
Jesus for President, Shane Claiborne
The White Queen, Philipa Gregory

I have also been reading a lot with B. Yesterday kicked off the Summer Reading Program at our local library, and we signed B up to participate.

Whatcha Been Watching?
I have been watching FRIENDS on Netflix from beginning to end. I am on season 9, and am getting sort of sad, because I know it'll be over soon. Hubby has been watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

Listening to Anything Good?
MUSE has a new album that just came out, so hubby and I have been listening to that. I've also been listening to EMPIRES by UNITED.

I Dreamed a Dream of....
Since we've been home from our beach vacation, I have been dreaming of living at the beach. Hey- can you blame me?

What I'm Loving this Week...
A week at home with my little man. We have been having so much fun- playing backyard games, doing projects and science experiments, etc. I can't wait to share some of our activities with you!

I am So Done With...
Being so busy. Seriously- every time I turn around there are more meetings to attend and more things that need to be planned. I am feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

What I'm Looking Forward to...
I'm looking forward to my sister-in-law's baby shower, my bestie's bachelorette girls weekend in the NC mountains, a trip to visit family in NJ later in the summer, hubby's 30th birthday, and bestie's wedding in NOLA in October (same day as B's 5th birthday). I mentioned I was going to be busy, right?

Thanks for catching up with me this week!

I'd love to hear how you've been doing this week, too! Leave your answer to one of the questions listed above in a comment, if you feel like it!

Have a great Thursday!

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