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Getting Organized is a Snap with Oh Snap Bins from Thirty-One Gifts with Dottie

I am not a very organized person. Try as I might, my house always seems to be in a constant state of disarray. When I was paired up to work with our Thirty-One Spotlight Sponsor, Dottie Shores Brown, to review a product, she asked what I might be interested in reviewing. My answer was simply "anything that helps organize". 

Dottie's selection, two "Oh Snap Bins" (one in Bubble Bloom and the other in Pink Cross Pop), was a phenomenal one. I had a basic idea of how I wanted to use the bins (to organize our desk) but of course felt the need to do a quick search for other ideas and came across a few pretty great ideas on Pinterest

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Of course, the ideas from Pinterest inspired me to try and think of a few of my own. It took me quite a while to put the bins to their "permanent" use, and even now I am not entirely sure whether I'll be keeping them on the desk or using them for another purpose Maybe this is why I am so unorganized? I have so many ideas but rarely implement them.

Here is How the Bins Are Currently Being Used: 

The Desk Before (Makes My Eye Twitch) 

I Used the Bins to Keep Some Loose Items Like Note Cards, Glue, and a Travel Pack of Tissues  

Now the Desk Looks Like This! 

I was so happy that the bins fit in that spot underneath.They are functional, look good, and I am hoping it stays that way. In the meantime, I will be checking out some of the Storage and Utility Products on Dottie's Thirty-One website. 

Want It? Get It!

Connect with Dottie today to get your own "Oh Snap Bins" and check out some of the other great products she has to offer! One of my favorite things about Thirty-One is that there are so many wonderful options to choose from and you can personalize the items to further suit your needs or style. 

I Love this "Mini Cindy" Purse  

I Do Need a New Wallet, and the "Perfect Cents Wallet" is Pretty Fabulous

The "Deluxe Utility Tote" is Perfect for Carrying Product for Shows or Grocery Shopping 

You can also earn some great products by hosting a Thirty-One party or earn extra income by joining Dottie's team and becoming a consultant!

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