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Father's Day Gifts: Dad Rocks

With Father's Day coming up, I decided to bust out the paints and get crafty with Mr. G. Both his dad and grandpas are hard to buy for so it is great that we can make something special to give to them.

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest (of course!) and thought it would be easy enough with a one year old...ahem. If you're looking for a Pinterest perfect project, stop reading now because this isn't it! But, we did have a lot of fun and ended up with a cute gift for our favorite dads. 

Basic supplies you might already have around the house: washable paint, a brush, a permanent marker, and some flat(ish) rocks. My original idea was to paint Mr. G's hand with the non-toxic kids's paint and have him hold the rock, transferring his handprint onto it.

But, of course, I didn't think that through and he wanted to turn it round and round and smear the paint. So we rolled with it (literally...), and ended up with a cute finger painted rock!

I'm sure you seasoned moms are on to this, but painting in a diaper in the bathtub was the best decision of this whole adventure. He could get messy without getting anything else messy, and the paint just wiped right off the tub (even dried!). 

Once they were dry, I used the marker to write a message on the front and painted the date on the back. I think they turned out pretty awesome for the potential mess that we had on our hands!

For our gift, I plan to write a cute little personalized poem about how great dad is. Do you know about RhymeZone? Type in any word and it will give you a list of rhymes!

We might even throw in a carton of Rocky Road for the big day!

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