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Encourage Healthy Eating Habits for Your Children with Kidliga by Livliga Dinnerware #Review

Over the past few years, meal time has almost always caused some sort of battle at Wigglesworth Manor. I've wanted to be sure the girls' nutrient needs were being met, they just wanted to eat hot dogs or chicken nuggets. I'd make awesome dinners, they'd look at their plates like I just plopped down the most vile bunch of slop they had ever seen. 

A few months ago, we discovered that Reese, our youngest, preferred a sectioned plate. We have been using it often and she has been eating a lot better.  Drew, our oldest, was still a little more difficult to persuade, but over the last few weeks her eating habits have been improving with the help of her dinnerware set from Kidliga by Livliga.

We Received the Sammie & Sax 3 Piece Place Setting in Blue with the Award Winning Children's Book   

The Kidliga line is all about helping children discover nutritious eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. The dinnerware is designed to ensure your kiddos are eating a well balanced meal with the proper serving sizes.

The Children's Dinner Plate Has 4 Measurements 

The Bottom of the Plate Indicates Which Measurement is for Which Food Group 

The Bowl Accommodates a 1 Cup or 1 1/2 Cup Serving   

The Mug Accommodates a Single 8 ounce Serving  

Each set (there are currently 2 one in pink and the other in blue) comes with a children's book that includes an adventurous and educational story as well as recipes the whole family can make and enjoy together. Kidliga dinnerware is a great way to further teach children about healthy eating choices and will encourage everyone in the house to be more aware of just how nutritious, or not, their own meals are.


Winner of the 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Bronze Medal for Health Issues 

Drew has been learning a lot about healthy eating at school over the last few years. Because her Kidliga dinnerware helps her put what she has learned about healthy eating into practice, she has a better understanding of what has been taught. She loves having her own special dinnerware and has been eating more balanced meals because of it. 

Want It? Buy It! 

You can get your kids their own awesome Kidliga dinnerware set at the  Kidliga Section of the Livliga Website. If you think you could use your own portion control plates (I'd love a set of my own), be sure to check out the full website for some stunning single place settings or the 16-piece sets that include 4 place settings! 
Be sure to follow Livliga on Facebook and Twitter for special offers, recipes, and of course some pretty fun posts!

Special Thank You to Nicole Manigault and the Kidliga/Livliga team for the opportunity to share this awesome product with our readers! 

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