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Breathe Easier with Filter Snap #review

I am not in charge of filter changing in my house but sometimes I'll think about it and ask my husband when the last time he changed the filter was.  Most times he doesn't remember so we both know that he probably should at that time!  My husband works 12 hour shifts and then a part time "fun" job so filter changing doesn't stay on his radar of things to do.  So, I was excited to check out what FilterSnap was all about. 

A package for my husband!

Thick, durable filter.

The other side.

This is our cheap filter...it had some dust build up on it.

This is the Filter Snap going in.

Filter Snap is perfect for us.  You can order your filter size and they will be delivered right to your front door.  What a great reminder that it's time to change your filter.  You can choose your own delivery schedule....every month, every 3 months, etc.  Whatever works best for your household.  They also have different sizes to choose from so there should be something for everyone.  And free shipping is a nice plus for me too!  Nothing is ever free anymore so I appreciate Filter Snap for offering this to it's customers.

Here is a little info about Filter Snap! 

Our Filter Quality Options


The Basic filter takes care of the big stuff. Perfect if you have no allergy sufferers, are non-smokers, and your filter is not located in the garage.
Pollen Dirt Pet Dander Virus Smoke
Smog Lead Oil Micro Allergens
FilterSnap Basic Filter


The Standard filter handles the big stuff, plus some of the smaller particles. Great if you have smokers, multiple pets, or family members with minor allergies.
Pollen Dirt Pet Dander Virus Smoke
Smog Lead Oil Micro Allergens
FilterSnap Standard Filter


The Ultimate filter is Great Wall of China of air filters. Even the smallest dirt particles will meet their match with this filter. This is the best choice if you have family members that suffer from major allergies or asthma.
Pollen Dirt Pet Dander Virus Smoke
Smog Lead Oil Micro Allergens
FilterSnap Ultimate Filter

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

  • Ordered the wrong size? No problem, we’ll send you the correct size on us.
  • Did we mess up your order? Our bad, we’ll work extra hard to fix it.
  • Filter damaged in shipping? We’ll send you a replacement for free.
  • Not happy with FilterSnap? We’re shocked, so enjoy a full refund of your order.

The Store’s Air Filters Suck!

This is not just our opinion, this is a fact. After buying filters from the major, national retailers here is what we found:
Inferior Frame. Reducing the quality, and quantity, of the cardboard in the frame lowers manufacturing costs, but raises the possibility of the filter sagging and allowing unfiltered air to flow around it. Not to mention the headache it causes when trying to install and remove the filter.
Fewer Pleats. Reducing the number of pleats in the filter decreases the cost of the filter media, and decreases the surface area for trapping pollutants. This causes efficiency to drop off as the filter gets clogged, making your system work harder to heat, or cool, your house.

Why Our Filters Don't Suck!

Simply stated, our filters rock. Again, fact, not fiction. Here is why our filters are so awesome:
Quality Frame. By using a 2-part, heavy duty cardboard frame that is glued together, our filters will stay put, and will be a breeze to install and remove. We also include a cardboard grid on both sides as well as a supporting metal grid that is glued to the filter media for added rigidity.
More Pleats. A little extra filter media means that you get more pleats, and more surface area to trap pollutants. Our filter will truly perform for it’s expected lifecycle without making your system work harder.

    Thank you to Jim and FilterSnap for a great product.  My husband will not fall behind on changing the filters in our home anymore!

    Want it? Buy it!

    Head on over to Filtersnap and find exactly what is right for your home.  You can also check them out on Facebook

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