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Be Bold with Bolder Band {Review and Giveaway}


I have super thick, curly hair that can really be unmanageable on some days. My go to hairstyle is almost always a pony tail or bun with a headband to hold back the frizzies. When I run, I ALWAYS wear a headband to keep my hair from getting in my face. The one complaint I have with some of the headbands I use, they don't always stay put.

Right before the Indy Mini, I found a company that claimed to offer "Chic Headbands that Stay Put". I had to know more and contacted them to see if they would be interested in us trying them out.
 Bolder Band was founded and created by Colorado native and mom of three, Amy Crouse in 2013. Amy is a runner and cross fitter who had trouble finding something to keep her hair held back when she was working out. Knowing she was not alone in her struggle, she got out her sewing machine, made a few headbands, and gave them to some friends. Everyone was impressed with how well they stayed put and Bolder Band was born.
  Bolder Bands are for anyone who loves to be on the move, whether you run, walk, skip, or crawl to get there. They are made using high quality material to create the highest quality product. Using a head sizing chart, Bolder Bands are created to fit you in the size you need, when worn and sized correctly, these headbands are made and guaranteed to stay put.
Bolder Band Headband Sizing Chart

Headband Sizing

Less than 19.5" inchesx-small**
19.5" - 21" inchessmall
21" - 22.5" inchesregular
more than 22.5" large

A quick video as well to help with sizing
With a hard-working, dedicated team, Bolder Band is made right in Colorado, in Amy's hometown. The team strives for being accurate, quick, and offer great customer service. Bolder Band also won the Shopify Build A Business 2014 Award for Apparel.
I worked with Lauren, who responds like lightning, is super friendly, and knows her Bolder Bands. She offered to send us one for a review and one for a giveaway, how generous! Lauren also asked if I could send her a list of retailers in my area that might be interested in carrying Bolder Bands in their stores. If you have any small boutiques, yoga studios, etc., near you, please comment below as well to help Bolder Band spread the love.
 I was so excited when our Bolder Band package was here!
Inside I found a whole bunch of Bolder Band goodies
Included was shipping information and this fun little card.
One side had customer reviews and all of the social media links, along with photos of Bolder Bands being loved. The other side a photo of Bolder Band creator, Amy, and photos and instructions on how to wear your Bolder Band.
Bolder Bands are to be worn at the low end of the forehead like Amy is wearing it.
Lauren also sent us a Pink in Shape Bolder Band
This Bolder Band retails for $15 and is really bright and colorful. The geometric shapes really help the color pop. Each band is made of a Lycra and spandex blend, like dri-fit material, and helps with moisture wicking. They are very soft and don't pull at my hair at all, always a plus with curly hair. Another cool thing about Bolder Bands is that they can be worn in different styles, because they are not sewn all the way around, they are able to be thick or thin. They are also machine washable and only air dry.
Getting ready to run the Indy Mini 2015
(I know my band is pushed back, I had my sunglasses on my head right before the picture and it pushed my band back.)
 I was so happy running with my Bolder Band because it really does what it says it will do. I wore it thick to provide more frizz coverage as well. It completely stayed in place and kept the sweat out of my eyes too. It stayed fit to my head, keeping its elasticity as well. I have used it again and again on my runs, it really has been wonderful to keep my crazy hair back.
Want It? Buy It!
 These bands do stay in place, a first for me! Visit Bolder Bands and get one for yourself too! You can follow BolderBand at all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Bolder Band also has a fun blog you can check out here.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a Pink in Shape Bolder Band. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
So many thanks to Bolder Band for a great headband and offering a giveaway too!

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  1. My favorite is the HIPPY CHICK HEADBAND

  2. there are so many cute designs. the move it active headband is my favorite.

  3. I really like the Kaleidoscope pattern.

  4. My favorite is the Bolder Band Headband!

  5. The White Reflective Beauty Headband with zebra stripes looks pretty neat!

  6. The Fast Forward headband is lovely!

  7. I like the Wild Thing Headband.

  8. I like the Daydream beleiver.

  9. My favorite is the Purple Paisley Headband. So cute!!

  10. I like the southwest sketch design

  11. Hibiscus Bolder Band-ana Headband


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