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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Mother's Day Weekend!

Happy happy joy joy, the weekend's here oh boy oh boy! Today is going to be one of those general, run around Saturdays. Drew has golf, we'll probably hit the park afterward, and then it'll be time to do some home repairs (blah).

I Have a Case of the DIY Blues- Sometimes I Just Want SETDI (Someone Else to Do it!)

Tomorrow though? Tomorrow is going to be a day filled with a myriad of emotions. I am happy to be celebrating the day with my daughters and my own mother and mother in law, but I know my mind will be turning to people (specifically my Dad, Aunt, and Uncles) who will be experiencing this holiday for the first time without their mother. 

Excited to See What These Two Have in the Works for the Weekend!

We don't have any specific plans for Mother's Day, other than to go to church and then visit with my Mom and Matt's Mom. I'm excited to see the look on my Mom's face when I give her the Mosaic book I made for her. I think that's going to be my favorite gift of the day, even though it's not for me :-) 

I hope you have an excellent weekend filled with lots of love! 

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