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Tip Tuesday: Staying in a Hotel with Baby

Today we're talking tips! Tips for staying in a hotel with a baby that is. Have you attempted this?

Mr. G has been on several trips with us, but we'd always stayed with family until a couple weeks ago. Since he is a notoriously bad light sleeper and a busy body, I was a little nervous, but it worked out great! Here are a few tips I can offer for a one night stay:

  • Ask for the quiet room
  • Call ahead to ask for early checking or late checkout so you have more time to work around baby's schedule
  • Consider getting a two bed room instead of a single king size for flexibility
  • Bring a nightlight and/or a sound machine 
  • Bring your own portable crib if possible; if using hotel's bring your own sheet
  • Make a baby play area
  • Bring an iPad or book light so you can hide under the covers after baby goes to bed at 7 pm
  • Get down to breakfast early before the crowd
  • Three words: EXTRA BABY WIPES

What else have you found helps having a little one in a little unfamiliar space like a hotel room?

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