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Protect Your Child's Feet this Summer with #GoldPigeonShoes #Review #SummerSplash

We are so excited to kick off our Summer Splash event with a fantastic Beach Style & Product Guide! There are few places I would rather be than at the beach- it's a perfect, serene setting to enjoy the goodness of God, and marvel at his creation. I find the beach to be very relaxing, and love to spend time with my family there. We're headed to the beach in just a few days, and we're bringing along all of our favorite things that will make our trip enjoyable!

Taking little ones to the beach can be a bit painstaking. You don't want to bring along everything you own, but you want to do all you can to keep them safe and comfortable, especially when out on the beach or in the water. B is a water baby- he loves the beach, and the ocean. I love his precious feet, and don't want to see them cut up by rocks or shells, so I always want to bring along a pair of shoes that can be worn in the water.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of teaming up with and introducing MBP readers to Gold Pigeon Shoes, an innovative shoe company that has completely re-thought the 'water shoe,' and offers stylish, comfortable, and multi-functional water shoes and sandals for children and adults. B loved the water sandals he received from Gold Pigeon last summer, and we were bummed when he outgrew them. Now that B is out of the toddler shoes sizes, he has graduated to the boy's sandals, and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to check out one of the children's sandals designs and see how they worked for B.

We chose the Boy's Water Shoes in Green/Black for B.

Gold Pigeon offers some seriously cool water shoe/sandal designs! B loves the black and green color combo. He typically wears a lot of blue, but lately, he has been into brighter, bolder colors (he's growing up!), These may look like regular sandals, but take a look at all of their incredible features...

Adjustable/removable straps!

One of the hardest things about shoe shopping for us (for B) is that B's feet are thick- meaning they are thick from the top of his foot to the bottom of his foot. We have a hard time with sandals that don't adjust across the top of the foot. Gold Pigeon allows you to adjust the strap that goes over the top of the foot, to give your child a comfortable fit!

Adjustable ankle strap.

The strap at the ankle is also fully adjustable- and there's plenty of slack, meaning your child is going to be able to wear these for a long time. You can adjust as they grow! B actually loves that he is able to adjust the straps by himself. If they are pulled too tight, that can easily be fixed and adjusted to your child's comfort.

Magnetic lock closure.

One of the coolest features of Gold Pigeon sandals, is the magnetic lock closure on the ankle strap. No buckles, no laces- and your child can listen for the 'click' of the magnetic lock to know that their sandal is secured, and they are good to go!

Adjustable/Removable Back Straps

Two ways to wear your Gold Pigeon Sandals!

The back straps of Gold Pigeon Sandals are adjustable on both sides of the strap. The strap can also be completely removed, and the sandal can be worn more as a slide. I am thinking that it will be so nice for B to be able to slide these onto his feet when we're headed out onto the beach, or when he needs to just slip them back on to wear them back up to the beach house. If B is wearing these sandals in the water, we'll be sure to put the back strap back on, so the sandals stay on his feet. These are the coolest children's sandals ever!

Cool tread!

I also love knowing that I don't have to worry about B slipping and falling in these sandals. There is a lot of tread and support offered by Gold Pigeon Sandals. The sandals grip, rather than slip! B loves the tread design on the bottom of these sandals- he said they look like dinosaur feet!

B couldn't wait to try his Gold Pigeon Boys Sandals on with his swim suit, of course!

The sandals are a great fit for B- they are a size 13, and offer him a bit of room to grow into.

B has room in the toes, so he can wear these well through the entire summer season.

With three areas that can be adjusted on the Gold Pigeon Sandals, we can achieve the perfect fit for B, every time he puts these sandals on.

B's feet are cushioned, protected, and comfy in his stylin' sandals from Gold Pigeon!

Features of Gold Pigeon Sandals

Magnetic Snap Lock
2 Ways to Wear
Adjustable Straps
Shock Absorbing
Water Resistant
Interchangable Upper
Ergonomic Sole
3D Engraving
Drainage Ports
Light Weight
Air Cell Cushion
Ventilation Upper
Bamboo Fiber

Check out some of the other designs from Gold Pigeon...

5935 Toddler Sports/Water Sandals (Fuchsia) Back Order till 4/15
Toddler Water Sandal

5842 Men Women Super LIght Flip Flop (Blue)
Men's Light Flip-Flop

9180 Big Kids Sports/Water Sandals (Blk/Yellow)
Kid's Sport/Water Sandal

9118 Women Sports/Water Sandal (Grey/Fuchsia)
Women's Water/Sport Sandal

Gold Pigeon Shoes has so many fantastic designs to choose from- for the whole family! Everyone who has laid eyes on B's sandals thinks they are so cool, and I've even heard- 'Wow, I wish they made those for adults.' Well, they do make them for adults- so be sure to get a pair for everyone in the family for you summertime adventures! I am so happy to have these sandals for B. He'll be able to wear them on the beach, as well as off on our adventures during the week, and I'll only have to bring one pair of sandals along for him! Happy mommy over here!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Gold Pigeon Shoes to browse all of their snazzy designs! Connect with Gold Pigeon Shoes via Facebook, and Twitter!

Special thanks to Gold Pigeon Shoes for allowing us to share our experience with our readers. We can't wait to hit the beach in these sandals!

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