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Lumo Lift- Improve Your Posture and Your Health! #Review

According to an October 2012 article I read at PostureCorrectorBrace.com, bad posture can cause not only back and neck problems, but it can also cause you to stress out and make you downright grouchy. I guess I should have listened all of those times my Grandma told me to "stand up straight". I'll have to call and thank her a little later for trying to warn me and apologize for being so stubborn.

I'm aware that my posture is not the greatest. I can tell by the aches in my back at the end of the day and by just checking out my reflection in the mirror. I can also tell by the occasional reminders from my Gram, who apparently has not given up hope that I will straighten up my act (so to speak)! Since I want to put an end to the back pain, and not make it worse, I am working on correcting my posture.

Recently, I got the chance to test out the Lumo Lift, from Lumo Bodytech. The Lumo Lift is a neat little magnetic device that tracks your posture and vibrates to alert you when your posture is not quite right. It also serves as an activity tracker!

My Lumo Lift is Here!  

The All Important Instructions and the Lumo Lift with Accessories

You will want to start off by "Aligning" your Lumo Lift to help it detect your best posture throughout the day. Then, there are two functions to choose from when you use your "Lift", the posture alert or the coaching session. The posture alert function is a good way to help you overall good posture throughout the day. You will receive 5 quick buzzes whenever the device detects you slouching for a selected period of time, anywhere between 1 minute and 30 minutes. The coaching session is a timed training session for practicing good posture. When using the coaching session, you will receive immediate feedback (via device vibrations) whenever the Lumo Lift detects you slouching.

As an activity tracker, the Lumo Lift works by counting your steps and calories burned. Your day's information gets sent directly to your device with the Lumo Lift app, which is available for iOS or Windows 7+ PC's. An app for androids is currently in the works, but not yet available. You will need to purchase the Lumo Lift Dongle to use the app on a computer. 

Rocking My Lumo Lift!

You can wear your Lumo Lift on your collar, a shirt, or even a strap, but it does work best when worn on a snug fit shirt or bra/undershirt strap using the clasp (included). It should rest right below your collar bone and close to your body for the most accurate posture detection. 

I have only used my Lumo Lift in the posture coach mode because I misread the part that said the app was not yet available for android devices. I don't want to purchase the dongle (I really wish it was called something else) and have the app become available shortly after. I found the device fairly easy to use, after reading the instructions. I like that I am able to use it, even without the app, but I can't wait for the android app to become available. I'm really looking forward to syncing my Lumo Lift to MyFitnessPal as well.
 My favorite thing about this device is how small it is, you really don't know it's there, unless you slouch! I also really appreciate how long it holds a charge, because sometimes I'm a slacker and don't plug things in! 
I did not notice a difference in my posture right away, but within 3-4 days, my back aches lessened. I also feel more confident (cliché I know) and I am sure others can tell. My Grandma has not said anything yet, but when she does, I'll be sure to let you know! 

Want It? Buy It! 

You can get your own Lumo Lift online directly from the website. If you are looking to purchase it and don't have an iOS device, I suggest going with the Lumo Lift + Windows Dongle package. 
Be sure to connect with Lumo Bodytech on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest to keep up to date on upcoming app releases and for other news. 

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