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Keep Cool and Sleep Well in Cool-jams #Review + $50.00 GC #Giveaway

Sleep. It's something that is precious to us, and something our minds and bodies desperately need in order to thrive and function. As we grow older, there are many factors that can attribute to a restless night. After I became a mom, I had to quickly adjust my sleeping habits, and get used to much less sleep than I was used to getting. My body has been going through lots of hormonal changes since then. My mother has also been experiencing changes as she rides along through menopause. Sisters, hormonal changes and swings are just plain not nice sometimes. Depending on the time of month, or even season, having a comfortable body temperature for resting/sleeping can be difficult to achieve, and let's face it- if you're uncomfortable when you try to rest, chances are you won't be getting much sleep.

Cool Jams

I was excited to learn about Cool-jams, which offers soft, comfortable wicking sleepwear for men and women, as well as bedding and performance sleep products. 
Cool-jams fabric is a specially designed Poly Microfiber that has been engineered to feel like soft cotton but has all the attributes associated with the fastest wicking and drying material in the world.  This ground-breaking Kottinu™ technology, with its amazing "cotton-like" comfort and feel, offers the superior odor and bacterial control of Bact-Out® and delivers unparalleled performance in moisture management, lasts 6 times longer than cotton fabric, maintains color sharpness with minimal fade and is a viable alternative to cotton in any application where the inferior attributes of cotton have been considered "the standard". 


I can't say that I don't experience my share of night sweats. Two weeks ago, I woke up totally drenched in sweat one night. I had to kick all of the blankets off, and I really dislike sleeping without the weight of a comforter. Aside from my occasional night sweats, I felt that my mom would really be the one to benefit from a pair of Cool-jams sleepwear. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, so as she deals with all of the un-fun symptoms of menopause, she is having to do so without being able to take many types of natural supplements, hormones/estrogen, and has been suffering through sleepless nights. She can't stand to have heavy fabrics touching her skin, and often becomes way too hot in the middle of the night, which causes her to wake up, unable to become comfortable and go back to sleep. I was excited to share Cool-jams with her, and asked her to give them a try, and share her honest feedback.

We were sent the Cool-jams cami top and long pant in Turq Sea color, size small. The size and gender was indicated on a chart, printed right on the product packaging, so we knew that we were sent the correct size for each piece.

My mom and I explored Cool-jams together, and we not only loved the color of these PJ's, we loved they way the fabric felt.

After reading over some of the info included on the tag for the Cool-jams sleepwear, my mom said this was the first time she was actually looking forward to bedtime in a very long time. She was excited to try the Cool-jams sleepwear, and hoped for a restful night.

My mom loved the way the Cool-jams sleepwear felt. It was soft and comfortable, and she was able to keep it on all night long, without having to remove the bottoms. The moisture-wicking fabric helped to keep her cool, and helped regulate her body temperature, as well. Overall, she was very impressed by the fit and performance of the Cool-jams sleepwear, and has mentioned that she'd like to add more tops and bottoms to mix and match.

Here's my mom, Leslie, in her new Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear.

One of the best features of the design of the cami top for my mom, is the built in shelf bra. She appreciates being able to have that extra layer of coverage and protection. Her chest area is always pretty sensitive, and she loved experiencing pure comfort in a sleepwear set! The pants fit well, and were loose on her where she needed/wanted them to be. One of my mom's major complaints in the sleepwear department (aside from finding pj's to keep her cool), was not being able to find a modest set of jammies that she felt comfortable wearing on family trips/vacations. She is super pleased with the Cool-jams, from their performance to their coverage!

Cool-jams for a cool momma!

We're loving the Cool-jams, and it's great to know that there are styles available for both men and women... plus, there are also wicking bedding options available from Cool-jams! Cool-jams products have been featured on The Doctors (I love that show, and totally love Dr. Lisa- I am definitely trusting of her opinions and recommendations), and received a Top Innovative Apparel Award in 2013. Cool-jams has been making pajamas and bedding for over 20 years. They know how to produce high quality products that look great, feel good and work well. From television to magazines, it seems like everybody's talking about Cool-jams!

Mix and Match Cami Top Details

Cool-jams new cami top separate features cool camisole styling. Now with extra support provided with our SUPER COMFORTABLE built in shelf bra. This super quick drying, silky soft, moisture wicking smart fabric is perfect for travel or hot nights. Wear versatile Cool-jams during the day or while sleeping. Every Cool-jams garment uses Kottinu™ fabric technology for a super soft, cotton-like feel with wicking ability that never washes out. In fact, the wicking action is scientifically woven into the fabric itself along with technology that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria keeping Cool-jams fresh and odor free. Pair our cami top with any of our other mix and match separates for extra cool comfort.

Available in 5 colors
Sizes S-XL

Mix and Match Wide Pant PJ Pant Details

Cool-jams new wicking wide band long pant separate features an elastic waist with added drawstring closure. Great for sleeping or lounging, inside or outside. Our quick drying, silky soft, moisture wicking smart fabric is perfect for travel or hot nights. Every Cool-jams garment uses Kottinu™ fabric technology for a super soft, cotton-like feel with wicking ability that never washes out. In fact, the wicking action is scientifically woven into the fabric itself along with technology that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria keeping Cool-jams fresh and odor free. Mix and match with any of our other matching separates and loungewear. Why not add our versatile Zip Hoodie Lounge Jacket or our PJ Topper With Pockets to create a sensational 3 piece set. Or add our Wicking Lace Accent Robe for extra wicking warmth when needed. Note on size chart: The most important measurement to use is hip. Relaxed elastic waistbands accommodate up to 6" larger waist size. Pant inseam length 30".

Available in 4 colors
Sized S-XL

With so many wonderful options from mix and match pieces, styles, sizes, and colors, everyone can get in on the Cool-jams experience!

Check out some of their other wonderful pieces...

Tank Nightgown

Wicking 3-Piece Jillian Set

Wicking Melinda Nightshirt

Men's Wicking Crewneck T-Shirt

Moisture Wicking Shorty PJ Set (great for nursing moms or postpartum)

Temperature Regulating Sheets

Temperature Regulating Comforter

Cool-jams are a wonderful, innovative solution for those who experience discomfort or sleeplessness due to night sweats, menopause, or who are just looking for great temperature-regulating, wicking sleepwear or bedding! I am so happy that my mom has been loving her Cool-jams, and I am keeping Cool-jams in mind for my sister-in-law, who is expecting her first child, and due in August. Cool-jams would make a great gift!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Cool-jams to learn more about their wicking sleepwear and temperature regulating bedding! Special offer: Use promo code COOLMOM2 at check-out to receive 10% off women's sleepwear on all orders shipping to the US and Canada. Select Free Ground Shipping US at check-out to receive free shipping on your order. Free shipping offer is good for any retail orders shipping within the continental US. That means all continental US bedding or sleepwear orders automatically ship free!

You can connect with Cool-jams through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and the Cool-Jams blog!

Want them? Win them!

One lucky reader will win a $50.00 Cool-jams Gift Code to use on the Cool-jams website! How cool is that? This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entrant per household. Please note that the sponsor of this particular giveaway has made it a requirement to sign up for their e-newsletter in order to enter this giveaway. Sign up on the Cool-jams website, and you'll be entered to win a free pair of Cool-jams PJ's so you double your chances of winning a Cool-jams prize! This blog and participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win.

Special thanks to Cool-jams for allowing us to experience and share about their wicking sleepwear, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck & stay cool!


  1. amy guillaume lindermanMay 1, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    i would get the WICKING KRISTI CAPRI SET

  2. I would purchase a set of sheets. I would love to sleep in the hot Summer with those comfortable sheets.

  3. I would love to buy a Cool-jams scoop neck nightshirt. Tina

  4. Temperature Regulating Comforter is the item I would like to buy.

  5. Sleeping is so important to me. I tend to sleep well, but now that the weather is getting warmer, and sticky-er I am remember than summers are really bad for sleeping. I tell ya, hormones, and warm weather...bad combination!

  6. I'd love the Mix and Match Cami Top, perfect for the summer!

  7. Gloria

    I would buy some pajamas

  8. I would buy a nightshirt.


  9. Allergies are usually the problem


  10. I would get ....
    I like them!


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