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#Kandoo Simply Suds: Good Clean Fun for Super Kids!


It's springtime, which means we're spending a lot of time outside (on the days we're not suffering from our seasonal allergies). We may look like a super clean and well-polished family, but the truth is, when we play outside, we get dirty. I am constantly found tending my flower beds, which means I get my fair share of dirt under the nails. B loves to help me, we like to dig for worms, feed the birds, plant flowers, play in the sandbox, and tackle one another in the grass. B loves to feel the soft grass beneath his bare feet, and I just love to let him- it's part of what being a kid is all about.

When I was growing up in NJ, we didn't have a backyard to play in. Our backyard here at our house in NC isn't very large, but it's a safe place for my son to play, and I want to take every opportunity available to get out and play with him, so he is able to enjoy something I didn't really get to experience when I was little (thank goodness for awesome public parks in NJ, and for my wonderful mom who walked us to the park for play time and picnics!).

We were invited to try out Kandoo's New Simply Suds Bubble Bath. We're already big fans of Kandoo products, and B is not one to say no to a bath- especially a bubble bath! Kandoo makes it easy to have some good clean fun after a day of tumbling around in the dirt! 

Bubble Bath
Creates Rich Long Lasting Bubbles

Contains Natural Moisturizers
Natural Shea & Cocoa Butter to prevent drying and help children's skin maintain its natural moisture.
Sulfate-Free Bubble Bath
Specially formulated for kids with sensitive skin. Does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates or other harsh chemicals.
Gentle formula is Dermatologist tested.

We received our own bottle of Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath to try out.

B is a bit too old for me to be sharing bathtime photos, so as an alternative, I decided to let him do something that I loved doing as a child- playing in the bathroom sink! He has totally been into playing with his Octonauts character toys lately, so I figured he wouldn't mind a deep sea dive through ocean foam with them in the sink!

Kwazi and Capt. Barnacles, ready for an adventure!

I stopped the sink drain and added a bit of the Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath as the water ran.

B and I had so much fun watching the suds and bubbles fill the sink! I really only used one little squirt of the bubble bath, and we got tons of bubbles! B couldn't wait to help his friends dive right in to this foamy sea!

In they went- one at a time, ready to help creatures of the sea!

B had a blast playing with his toys, enjoying the bubbles, and getting squeaky clean in the process!

B loves Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath because it provides tons of sudsy fun for him to splash and play in. He doesn't even realize that he's getting super-duper clean while he's laughing and playing. I love the Simply Suds Bubble Bath because this particular bottle was fragrance-free, and non-irritating. It has extra moisturizers, and doesn't leave B's skin feeling dried out. I have been extra cautious regarding bubble bath formulas with B, because I had sensitivities to them when I was little. 

The Simply Suds Bubble Bath from Kandoo works wonders to get B super clean! Since he goes barefoot out in the yard during the day, his feet are usually so dirty that I have to scrub them in the tub. The Kandoo bubble bath helps to loosen the dirt on his skin, making it a lot easier for me to gently wipe it all away, instead of rubbing and scrubbing the bottoms of his feet. Thank you, Kandoo!

I highly recommend this wonderful bubble bath formula for your kiddos! We love it!

Check out some of Kandoo's Bathtime tips...

The Basics
*Set the temperature of your hot water heater no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Turn on hot water yourself to avoid accidents.  Before your child gets in the tub or shower, check the temperature with the inside of your wrist or elbow.
*Teach your child how to wash each part of the body well, and to rinse well.
*Let your child take the lead in washing but be there to help them out when needed.
*As a safety precaution, never leave the room when your young child is in the bath.
*Provide your child with natural and easy-to-use body washes and shampoos like those in the Kandoo family of products so kids can learn to wash on their own and enjoy getting clean.
*If your child doesn’t like getting their face wet, help them wash and rinse so as to avoid putting their face directly into the water.
*To avoid arguments, make bath time happen at regular times — on a schedule that you set. Don’t ask kids if they want a bath unless it’s a real question.
*Let them know if they get clean, they can get dirty all over again tomorrow!

For more great tips, visit Kandoo!

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Special thanks to Kandoo for allowing us to experience and share about Kandoo's Simply Suds Bubble Bath!

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  1. I love Kandoo products and buy them for my daughter. I'll be sure to look out for these Simply Suds. Thanks!


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