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Candy is dandy!


I don't know about you readers, but I LOVE candy. I don't care if its chocolate, gummies, or sour...I just love candy! My niece loves candy so much we call her an elf because all she used to want to eat is the sweet stuff! Maybe thats why she is so sweet now! 

Today Id like to tell you about a brand new candy thats on the market from a super fun company called IT'S SUGAR. It's Sugar specializes in supersized candy, as well as candy gifts and novelty items. I mean who doesn't want a 5lb Hershy bar or a SNL themed sweet treat like Schewddy Balls or Dusty Muffins?! Im a huge older SNL(like late 90s and earlier) fan so when I was browsing the SNL section of IT'S SUGAR I was just dying!! They even have a Debby Downer talking plush doll! 


I can't even!

Anyway, Im getting sidetracked here! Back to candy! IT'S SUGAR has teamed up with Seventeen Magazine to come out with some fun and totally awesome new candy. Its really for everyone but I think this candy will really go over well with women under 35 and young girls. I was chosen to review IT'S SUGAR and Seventeen Magazines Hello Gorgeous Cutie-Pie Mini Gummy Bears as well as two different flavors of selfie suckers.  

I shared my gummy bears with my students at snack time and they loved them. My favorite flavor of gummies is pineapple and these bears from It's Sugar were delicious! I really liked how small they were because it helped me eat less of them. You take a few like you normally would but they were tiny so you're really eating less of them. My hubby helped me eat the other bag because he's a gummy addict and he thought they were pretty good too. 

I also received some selfie suckers. Im not one to take a lot of selfies but I could see some young women and girls having a lot of fun taking selfies with these thought bubble inspired lollipops! I got to try the banana flavored Oh La Lolli sucker and the watermelon flavored Pop It Like Its Hot sucker. Both flavors were pretty good but a little too sweet for my taste. The taste is very kid friendly.  

Here are some of my favorite littles being silly with the suckers at snack time. 

L was using the Oh La Lolli as a selfie prop with S in the background being silly. L and S both liked the watermelon flavor the best. All of my littles actually said watermelon was their favorite. I however, liked the banana best. 

Here is S taking a big old lick of the half a sucker we had left after I broke off little pieces for everyone to try. This little licked it before I could break this half up so she got a big piece. I didn't let her finish the entire half though because not only do the suckers taste sweet on their own, they have a sparkly sugar coating on one side. 

IT'S SUGAR and Seventeen Magazine have a ton of other candies for you to try and love!


Peach flavored hearts, one of my favorite candies!

Strawberry sours, one of Josh's favorite!

Lovely licorice laces 

Sour gummies

Giant gummies for you and your bff to share. 
 There are plenty of other sayings and flavores of selfie suckers too. Check them out!
Blue raspberry



Green Apple

These BFF duos are pretty neat too. They have sweet and spicy as well. 

So ladies and gents, if you are looking for something fun or silly for your sweet tooth, or an awesome or hilarious gift for someone special, check out IT'S SUGAR! They've got you covered!

I mean, you know you need this!!! 

Want it? Win it! 
Win your own candy from IT'S SUGAR and Seventeen Magazine. Just fill out the easy entry from below for your chance to win!

Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to IT'S SUGAR and Seventeen Magazing for sponsoring this awesome review! 


  1. I need to look and see if they have a giant Milky Way......hmm, I guess they don't - so I'll take the giant Reese's Pieces - love them too.

  2. I must admit I like giant toblerone bars and I also love some big sweet tarts!!

  3. I would pick the giant KitKat.


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