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Get Rid of the Stink with Godors + #Giveaway #BoyMom

 How Godors was invented....

Because we lived in an apartment, we had no place to dry out the family's hockey gear.  It was a big problem.

I bought every odor neutralizing product I could get my hands on.  None of them worked.  When I read the label, I discovered they consisted mostly of water. No wonder they didn't work!  Adding water just makes gear wet-right?  And the worst part was these sprays smelled like old ladies.

As a newly retired mom with 30 years experience in the cosmetic and special effects makeup industry, I knew chemicals.  So I started blending alcohols, and antifungul solutions with different fragrances and Godors™ was formulated.  Before you knew it, even my husband's gear was allowed back in the apartment.  I started making it for other players and friends.  Filling up their bottles. Before long, it started to take off.  I invested in bottles and started manufacturing the product on a large scale.

Godors™ is concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable and it works.
Why Godors work...

  • A blend of alcohols
  • Mixed with a antifungul solution
  • Highly concentrated
  • Uses Bubble Gum fragrance
  • The spray smells sweet
  • Leaves gear with a slight cinnamon finish
  • We are in the process of EPA registration so once we get that, we can make a lot more claims.
  • This cute little guy doesn't smell anymore.
  Why Cinnamon?
Hockey Players ask me all the time "Why Cinnamon?"   I tell them the cinnamon is perhaps the most important component of Godors.  Our fragrance contains the amazing essential oil of cinnamon bark.  This oil is used to flavor chewing gum, ice cream, candy and beverages. 
-This oil is a natural antimicrobial.  Researcher from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that cinnamon oil used in Big Red gum, prevented oral bacterial growth by more than 50%.  It is especially effective at reducing anaerobic bacteria.  (Hello-you know your gloves are hosting a bacteria party!) 
-This oil is also used as a fungicide.  It's low toxicity makes it ideal for use in equipment that touches the skin.   It also leaves your hands smelling faintly of cinnamon (which is much better then a stinky hockey glove). 
-Don't let the word "oil" fool you, this spray leaves no residue in gear.   Very gentle on gear but hard on bacteria & fungi.

The cinnamon is just one active ingredient.  In fact, Godors patented formula contains Tea Tree Oil and Olive Leaf Extract both potent natural anti fungal.   We recommend a heavy treatment the first time.  Bacteria and Fungi build up in gear and it takes a good dousing the first time you use Godors.  After that, all you have to do is give the gear a spray as needed.  General rule:   If you play two or three times per week, treat gear with Godors once a week.

Yay for a package on the porch today.  Aiden loves when they are something he can help with.

A nicely packed box of goodies.

I received Sports Spray and Shoe/Fabric Spray.

I love this small spray bottles to keep in my purse.  And I shared with a friend at the baseball game.

Sports gear spray.

2 oz. bottles of Shoe Spray and Sports Spray

Aiden's backpack needed it in a bad way!!  It gets thrown all around and has stinky clothes crammed in it. 

I used on all of our bags that we carry to events and they get a lot of use.  It was a great way to freshen them up.

So....I was very interested to find out what Godors was.  I had never heard of it but after reading about the product I would be receiving I knew it was something I needed.  My husband is a firefighter and keeps a lot of gear in his truck.  I also have a very active 6 year old.  We have lots of smelly things in our house!

The package arrived and I spent some time reading about the product.  I have never really thought about how most neutrelizers contain mostly water until I read about why Godors work.  Very interesting!

I have used these quite a bit since I received them.  My husband used the sports gear spray on his fire gear and bag.  He also sprayed in the back floorboard of his truck.  I haven't been in his truck but he says it has helped.  He says that he can't smell the spray on his gear but that his gear doesn't have such a strong smell anymore.  They had a musty, old fire smell...if you can imagine what that would be like.  I used the sports spray on Aiden's swim bag, book bag and baseball bag.  I love how they smell.  I think they smell like bubble gum, which is a huge improvement!!  I used the shoe freshner spray on Aiden's shoes that smell really bad and he refuses to throw away because they are so comfy!!  Godors have saved them from the trash for a little while longer!

Thank you to Nadine and  Mary with Godors for the introduction to this awesome product!  If you have items you want to get the stink out of you will want to check out Godors.

Want it? Buy it!

Head over to the Godors webpage and check them out. www.godors.com. You can also connect with Godors on Facebook.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win their own product prize pack from Godors! Perfect for keeping the stinkies at bay this summer! This giveaway is open to US resdients, 18 and older. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Good luck!


  1. My husbands work boots!

  2. I have 4 boys, need I say more! lol

  3. My daughters shoes. I just got her a new pair about a month ago and I dont know what is wrong with her feet but she can kill a pair of shoes in less than a week.

  4. I would use it when I am at the recreational center after working out.

  5. Entered the How to Dress Your Body Type with Monroe & Main + Shopping Spree #Giveaway ($185.00 RV) #DressYourBodyType

  6. I would use it for the kids lunch coolers.

  7. My husband is a farmer, and I would use this on all his stinky clothing/boots etc...

  8. Oh my gosh, on shoes for sure.....and I would share some with my niece, who I love dearly, but who has super smelly feet.

  9. I would use it in my travel bags, in my spare bedroom on the mattress and carpets, in my shoes and on my furniture.


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