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Get Ready for Summer with These Quick, Slimming Moves! #NoMaybes

Happy Friday! My family is gearing up for a trip to the beach, and it's coming up pretty quickly. I always seem to think I have all the tie in the world before going on vacation, and then, BAM! Vacation time is here, and I'm not ready for it! This year, I feel pretty prepped- all except for the shape my body is in. B, my husband and I have been taking turns being sick since Christmas- I kid you not! It's so irritating, because I have either not had time to exercise, due to taking care of my guys, or have not felt well enough to put the time in, from being sick myself!

I may not be able to give my full 30 minutes a day to an uninterrupted workout, so I am trying to sneak in a few minutes here and there, to do some simple, yet effective toning moves and repetitions.
Casey over at Blogilaties has started a  ‪#‎noMAYbes‬ workout calendar! You can grab your free workout calendar on her site, and each day focuses on different areas of the body. I am a little late getting started with this, because B has been sick all week, but my goal is to start this weekend and be beach ready by the end of the month.

Cucumbers on the sandwich, and fresh watermelon on the side!

Along with the #NoMaybes calendar workouts, I am trying to watch what I eat between now and beach time! I bought a ton of fruit, Greek yogurt, fresh veggies, and am trying super hard to ditch condiments... because they can really add a lot of extra calories, sugar, sodium to my diet that I just don't need. We have cuties, watermelon, strawberries, apples, bananas, and cucumbers around for snacking. I also made a big batch of stove-top popcorn, and portioned it all out into snack bags for individual servings. 

Herbs I can't live without- oregano and rosemary!

My herb garden is doing very well, and having fresh herbs on hand makes me want to do a lot of fresh, clean cooking and grilling at home. Just by making a few small tweaks to my everyday routine, I am hoping to make a big impact on my body.

Here's to shaping up, and living a healthy lifestyle! Look out summer, I'm comin' for ya!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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