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Fun Toddler Footwear From Ikiki #Review

I am a fairly simple person when it comes to shoes. I have 2 pairs of sneakers, a pair of flip flops (that I wear only around the house), a pair of black heels and a pair of black dress shoes to wear with dress pants. My children, on the other hand, have about 5 pairs of sneakers, at least 2 pairs of sandals/flip flops, and 3-4 pairs of dress shoes EACH! They have a serious shoe addiction, and I can only imagine how many pairs they will have in their closet as they get older.

Reese's newest (and most favorite) shoes are courtesy of Ikiki, a company dedicated to creating shoes, booties, and other articles of clothing designed especially for kids. She loves wearing them, and they are just about the cutest pair of sneakers I have ever seen. What's even better is that they are designed for developing feet. 

Reese Was Pretty Happy to View the Contents of the Box 

First She Found a Bag... 

....Hmmm What's Inside? 

It's a Pair of Squeaky Shoes from Ikiki!  

I'd Say She's Pretty Excited! 

The Ikiki story began when engineers working for a tech company started their own families and discovered that most kid shoes are just adult shoes that had been shrunk down.They put their engineering knowledge to work to create the best shoes for children. Ikiki shoes have the best material for developing feet. The patent-pending adjustable squeaker has been proven to help children learn how to walk and reinforces good walking habits. On top of that, the designs are toddler friendly, meaning kids will want to wear them, and (judging by Reese's reaction) probably not want to take them off!

Some of the Perks of Ikiki Shoes!

Reese received the Mr. Barkles sneakers, but Ikiki shoes offer a variety of characters that appeal to boys and girls alike. The shoes come in sizes 3-11, and we found that the shoes run true to size. There are also matching character booties (maybe for younger siblings) available in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months. 

Mr. Barkles Sneakers

Sascha Narwhalski Sneakers 

Silk Von Webster Sneakers

Chairman Meow Sneakers 

Mr. Barkles Booties 

Sascha Narwhalski Booties 

Silk Von Webster Booties 

Chairman Meow Booties

Reese loves her new shoes. She asks to wear her Mr. Barkles everywhere we go. While she definitely prefers to keep the squeakers on, I am so thankful that there is an off switch, because sometimes the squeaking can be a little much (like in church or the library). I like how happy wearing the shoes makes her and I have noticed that she does seem to be a little less clumsy more graceful when walking.

Want Them? Buy Them! 

Visit Ikiki to check out their selection of footwear. While you're there, be sure to sign up to receive Ikiki news and offers. Don't worry, they'll only send the good stuff! You can also connect with Ikiki on Facebook and Twitter.

A special Thank You to Steven Galorath and the wonderful people at Ikiki for the opportunity to review these awesome sneakers and share our experience with our readers! 

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