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Fitness Friday - Where Are All The Plus Size Workout Clothes

Missing: Plus Size Workout Clothes

Josh and I have been watching what we're eating and trying to get to the gym more because we are both tired of being overweight. Josh has no problem finding workout clothes in his size, but can someone please tell me why there aren't more plus size workout clothes available?! I mean Im big, and I know I need to work out but Im not going to wear regular street clothes to the gym, nor am I going to wear men's clothing. I might be big but I still like to look good!

I have recently found a very small amount of cute workout gear in my size at Walkmart and I've been lucky enough to find some super cute stuff on Kohls.com but there is maybe two super small racks in the store and I like to try my clothes on before I buy them! Im really not into the idea of internet shopping for clothes, plus I spend too much when I do it that way too. 

Do any of you readers know any more good places to find cute plus size workout clothes that don't cost an arm and a leg? Im dying to get some affordable, colorful, and fun workout stuff that fits well and is comfy. Maybe if I felt like I looked cute, Id want to go to the gym more... you can only feel so good in oversized t-shirts and basketball shorts. 

I want these things to be available in the stores!!!

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