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Build, Play, Rebuild with Modarri {Review}

 I have read about Toy Shows and Fairs before, they sound so interesting and of course fun. To see new and exciting toys come to life and test them out would be such an experience. The exhibitors must be so nervous and thrilled all at the same time to be a part of something so big.
Last year at the Toy Fair, one new exhibitor caught the eyes of many. Popular Science was really wowed and awarded them "Best Toy in Show", even before they had sold one in a retail setting and now, they have been awarded the Spring 2015 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.  We were lucky enough to get a chance to try them out at our house and see what all the fuss was about.  
 Modarri, a new spin off from parent company Thoughtful Toys, offers sleek miniature cars that can be built, played with, taken apart, and rebuilt for a totally new look. CEO, David Silverglate, has a successful history in the toy company world and wanted to create modular cars that weren't made of wood, sticks, bricks, or blocks. These small, durable toys are the ultimate toy car experience with real mechanics and finger driving.  
There are currently 7 different Modarri car models, 4 individual and a 3 pack, each with their own set of car parts (chassis, hood/ windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, four wheels, front suspension and rear suspension) and hex tool (which allows users to take apart and reconfigure the vehicles). The pieces and cars are all made to mix and match, so there are millions of combinations to be created when you own them.
Here are the Modarri Car Models
B has loved cars since he could walk, we even used them as potty training rewards. We have bins full of cars, all shapes and sizes, that are still being pulled out and played with by B and both girls. I love that cars are such a simple toy that offers so many imagination options. I was so excited to try out Modarri cars, because the imagination options can be almost endless.
Our Modarri package is here!
One excited guy
Three Cars!
We were sent the 3-pack, which includes an S1, X1, and T1 vehicle. The 3 pack versions are all colored differently than the single car versions. This pack retails for $49.95.
The outside wrapper of the cars has sample pictures of what is available from Modarri.
The inside of the wrapper has photos of the entire collection (minus the DIY car) and how to use your Modarri cars.
Build and swap 12 parts per car.
Modify with 9 hex screws and swivel back hex tool, Design your own car (1 car=5 combos, 3 cars-35,000 combos, and 6 cars=3,000,000 combos).
Drive with soft grip tires, real steering, easy grip body, and real suspension.
The first car we came to was the X1 Dirt Car.
This car looks really neat. The bright red color makes it stand out and really looks like an off-road vehicle. The box also includes a hex tool for building, stickers to customize with, and 3 orange road cones to race with.
Each box also contains a set of important information-tool usage tips, screw locations, and part orientation.
The next car was the S1 Street Car.
This street racer is sleek and fancy, just like street legal cars we have seen. I really like the blue accents on this one. Again the box included a hex tool, stickers, and racing cones.
The third car in the set was the T1 Track Car.
This car is inspired by Italian super cars, and does a great job. The spoiler is my favorite part of this one. The box included the racing cones, stickers, and hex tool for assembly.
B was so ready to bust all three of the cars out of the boxes and get started. Modarri cars are geared for kids 8+, based on small parts and frustration level for assembly and disassembly, but any ages are really encouraged to try them out.
All of the cars came pre-assembled, but that quickly changed as B grabbed all three cars and the hex tools to get to work. He did not need any of my help, which was a great deal, because he can build and create on his own time and ideas, not mine. The screws are self-contained, so they can't be lost, this is such a cool feature. These three cars are fully customizable, B was able to mix and match a variety of parts to create new looks and styles.
Some new creations
S, our almost 6 year old was also able to use the hex tool and create new cars too. She was thrilled that she was able to unscrew and recreate new looks all on her own. After the assembly, the play fun can begin. By using an index finger on the driver seat and thumb on the trunk area, the car can be steered smoothly in all directions and even do tricks.
I love that Modarri cars are giving both my older kids the opportunity to use their imagination, strengthen their fine motor skills, and invent races of their own. The cars are neatly designed, durable, and easy to use and manipulate while offering hours of fun.

 Want It? Buy It!
  Don't these cars sound like so much fun? Summer is almost here, Modarri offers a great product that will keep your kids busy for hours. If you shop now, Modarri is offering a discount code for 10% off the retail price and free shipping, please use the code SAVE10 at checkout. You can also follow Modarri at all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

So many thanks to Modarri!

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