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Acts of Kindness: If you...

This week, our acts of kindness have been inspired by a great lady who passed away a year ago this past week, Dr. Maya Angelou.

That's a pretty inspirational quote, but it can be applied even in the most trivial seeming ways to make an impact as an act of kindness. Here are two examples:

With all the baby stuff that accumulated over Mr. G's first 12 months, including a lot we didn't use or barely used, I wanted to recover some of the cost, so I've been selling a few things. My neighborhood has a community Facebook group that is like a virtual "yardsale" and baby items are usually hot tickets! A couple weeks ago, someone offered a perfectly good sand and water table for free and I was lucky enough to be the first responder. What a great feeling! I decided to post a few of my own items for free to share that good feeling - everyone loves a good deal. The neighbors who picked up my free items were so excited and we even met a new mom & kid friend.

And what about the teaching?

It doesn't have to be lofty wisdom or a complex skill. This week, I happened to be talking with my dad how to email photos from his iPhone. Not really thinking about it, I showed him how to "tap and hold" in the body of an email message to insert a photo. To me this is not a big deal at all, but to him it was revolutionary because he only knew how to send photos from his camera roll, and now he could compose the message first. He was so appreciative and thought it was so cool, it made me beam!

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I think Dr. Angelou's words can be applied to a general way of life that results in a true overflowing of kindness. Have you been participating in Random Acts of Kindness? Take the challenge and let us know in the comments!

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