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365 Acts of Kindness: Cleaning out the Closet

Over the weekend, I was tasked with cleaning out our closet. I really didn't want to clean it out, but I was running out of room and it needed to be done. After an hour of trying on clothes and going through shoes, Cory and I ended up with three large shopping bags full of clothes. I couldn't believe the amount of clothes we had accumulated of the years. 

I wasn't really sure what we should do with them. Usually, the intention is to donate to Salvation Army, but we hardly get over that way. I didn't want them sitting around in the house collecting dust, so Cory and started thinking about where we could donate them. 

After a few minutes, we remembered that our Church has a program called Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a donation based program set up to allow those in need access to food, clothing and household items. It is open on Tuesdays in the morning and those in need are allowed to come once every 6 weeks and get the items that are needed. 

We decided to bring our items to Church and donate them to those in need in our community. There are shopping carts set up at every entrance and we were pleasantly surprised to see that all the carts were overflowing with donations. 

It's our goal to one day be able to spend an extra $100 a month and bring in food and other items. 

If your Church or community has local food banks or donation centers, please don't hesitate to donate! 

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