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You're Going to Flip - Summer 3D Stroller #Review

When I was building my baby registry, I must have asked ten moms about their recommendations and experiences with strollers. There are just so.many.choices when it comes to options, accessories, safety, comfort, durability and design.

Over Easter, Mr. G's aunt was visiting and loved taking him on walks, but since she doesn't get to see him that often, she commented on how she missed seeing his little face when he was sitting in the stroller. Since he has outgrown the infant seat that clips into the stroller backward in favor of watching the world go by, whoever is driving the stroller doesn't get to watch his cute expressions. If only I had known there was a solution to this!

The ingenious people at Summer Infant have designed the ultimate stroller for this situation: the 3D Flip. Because sometimes the little one wants to see the world, and sometimes you want to see him! When they sent us this stroller to test out, I was beyond excited since we had just discussed this problem. It arrived in a manageable box and I got busy unpacking.

How cute is that? Am I the only one that smiles at clever/unexpected packaging?

Our Thoughts

I'd imagined that with such a cool flip feature, assembly might be a challenge, but really, all I had to do was pop on the wheels, attach the awning, and open it up!

In less than 15 minutes, I had a sleek looking stroller that was ready to go! Forward...

And backward!

Baby can choose (or mom can choose for him!) which way he wants to ride. The forward position is designed for up to 50 pounds, while the rear facing is up to 25 pounds. 

The very first thing I noticed was how easy the wheels roll. They also have an east foot tap wheel lock.

Next on the list of features before we get to the real function, the super handy side pockets. These are sized perfectly to fit most mobile phones. I love the location and access this provides. It is the perfect size to hold just the phone so you don't have to fish around for it. 

The stroller comes with a parent cup holder that easily attaches to the handles. This is a great benefit for those hot summer walks, but I ended up taking it off for most uses because I rarely carry a drink. The handles themselves offer a nice cushion with grips that fit my hands comfortably.

As for storage, despite being an umbrella-style stroller, there is still an under carriage bin for stashing a few items (that's an awkward angle, but the basket is directly under the rear-facing seat.

The seats both have adjustable 5-point safety harnesses with padded shoulder straps. 

The whole thing folds up with a convenient auto lock and carry strap. While a little larger than fits my short height, this stroller is definitely easier to carry than my usual stroller and the lightweight aluminum frame makes it super easy to take on the go. It also takes up only a little more room than a regular umbrella stroller - not the whole back of my trunk!

The awning is easily adjustable with one hand and I absolutely love that it has a "moon roof" for checking on baby and so he can watch the birds! This is especially handy in the forward facing position. 

Speaking of forward facing, on our first walk we went off-road and the stroller handled perfectly through uneven grass. 

Mr. G loves riding this way and enjoyed hanging out just watching the world! The seat is very easy to flip into rear facing position by just squeezing the lever in the middle of the seat. There are also four levels of recline in each position. 

My curious little one has almost outgrown the rear-facing position and wants to see everything, so we only took a short stroll this direction. I would have absolutely love this in his younger months when I wanted him to calm down, or wanted to be able to interact with him. For littler babies there is also a comfy supportive headrest.

The name of this stroller says it all, and I really did flip for the convenience of having a forward and rear facing lightweight stroller with all the added features.

Want it? Buy it!

The Summer Infant 3D is available at major retailers where juvenile products are sold. For a list of specific retailers, visit www.summerinfant.com.

Thanks to Summer Infant for sending us this amazing stroller to try out! We think you will love it!


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