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Try The Word Marrakesh #Review

We're off on the road to Morocco...

Try The World has done it again! A few months ago we introduced you to Try The World with some boxes from Italy. Now, we're taking a trip Southwest of Italy to the exciting streets of Marrakesh! Full of spices, heat, and color Marrakesh is sure to please your eyes as well as your taste buds!

Markets on the streets of Marrakesh

Check out these spices!

The Try The World Marrakesh box is full of flavor that you can smell as soon as you lift the lid of the always adorable teal box. Inside the newest box from Try The World you can find...

All natural Argan Oil
Tastes a lot like olive oil but nuttier.

We used out Argan oil to cook with as well as to make a tasty cold chickpea salad.
Chickpea salad with fresh parmesan, preserved lemon, and parsley.
Moroccan Sardines in oil
I haven't been brave enough to try the sardines yet... 
 Moroccan Spice Blend
This jar of spices is literally a taste of Morocco. Its warm and flavorful with just a little bit of bite. 

Kefta Rub
Rub this delicious spice blend on your meat before you cook for a tasty treat. Its warm and full of flavor. 
 Preserved Lemons
What?! Yes, preserved lemon.
This jar of preserved lemon could honestly change your life! Each jar is full of lemons that have naturally been preserved with brine and truly hold their flavor. It doesn't matter if you use the "juice" or the actual fruit, you can kick up the lemon in ANY dish. I found a lot of recipes to use preserved lemon including desserts, but my favorite way to use it was just with a little butter on noodles with chicken. 

Gourmet Moroccan Harissa

Harissa sauce is seriously my new favorite sauce in the entire word. I can't get enough of it! Josh and I made an amazing dish that will continue to be a staple recipe in our box (see MBP Tasty Tuesday on 4/21 for the recipe). Here is a sneak peek at the most delicious dinner I've made in a long time!

Chicken tenders marinating in harissa and greek yogurt 
Roasted red onion and chickpeas
All ready for the oven
I served this wonderful dish with pita bread and a side of sour cream
Our roasted harissa chicken with chickpeas and onions was spicy(not hot) and so full of flavor it just made your mouth explode with happiness! I told my mom this dish was like a taco and a chicken gyro fell in love and birthed an amazing tasty baby called harissa chicken. It was so good that Josh even asked me to make him some special to take with him to work for lunch, that doesn't happen often!

Try The World is such a cool company and I love working with them. This time I was partnered with a new consultant named Diego and he was wonderful! He would love to work with you too. Check out their awesome prices and packages. 

I can't wait to continue my work with Try The World!! I don't know what box is coming next but Im so excited to find out! One day, I hope they come out with an England box so I can get a little reminder of my time there. 

Want it? Buy it!
 Try out Try The World today. You won't be sorry! Maybe this song from the legendary Bing Crosby will motivate you! 

Special thanks to Try The World, Lea, and Diego for working with MBP on this awesome review! 


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