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Sipping is a Snap with SipSnaps {Review}

Being the third child apparently means you just grow up faster. Why would you not want to be big and do fun things just like your brother and sister do? C is not yet 2, but surprises me daily with her amazing ability to do great things and have no fear in them.
One thing she is very adamant about are her meal habits. She must have a plate, silverware, napkin, and glass, just like everyone else. She also thinks she can drink out of a regular cup (HA!!), but Mom is not having any part of that yet. We have a cabinet full of sippy cups, so many that we can't even put them all away at the same time. My cabinets and dishwasher are saying YES PLEASE to this next product and C is saying it too, because it makes her that much closer to being like her siblings.
Double Double, launched in 2014, was the design of two mom friends, who live on different continents. Using their daily mom knowledge and professional design skills, they wanted to make something to help moms and dads everywhere. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign (to learn more about Kickstarter, click here), Sativa and Michelle came up with a silicone sippy cup lid that would fit on any cup, the SipSnap.
The SipSnap is a one size fits all sippy cup lid, available in both Tot and Kid size. The lids help prevent spills and cut down on storage space (who doesn't have 70 sippy cups when you have little ones?). These silicone lids help young children learn to drink from real cups, while parents can relax and not worry about a mess.

Check out this video about SipSnaps
Double Double is also making strides to protect the future of our world. While creating SipSnaps, they wanted to create things that are useful and helpful now, but also beyond their initial uses. They are currently looking at methods of re-purposing the silicone material in an energy efficient manner, so that the second life is just as great as the first. You can send back your used SipSnaps when you have loved them all you can at:
SipSnap Re-purpose Project PO Box 40397
San Francisco, CA 94110-0397
I got to work directly with Sativa, one half of Double Double. She offered to send my choice of SipSnaps, Tot or Kid size. I chose Tot, since C is still little. Sativa was prompt, friendly, and very helpful. She sent an email when the package shipped which is always helpful to know when to watch the mailbox for a package.
Our Double Double package is here!
Someone was super interested in helping out open her package
"Coco do it"
Notice a theme to this face, she was so excited and wanted to cheese for the camera
We found shipping information that confirmed our order of SipSnap Tot, in Rise 'N Shine.
We also found this cool box. The box is colorful, clearly labeled, and includes photos of how the SipSnap is used.
Ready to open them up and check them out
Inside the box was a very informative and helpful user guide.
This sheet had what exactly the SipSnap was, photos and directions on how to use it, helpful tips, and a few warnings (about the SipSnap being punctured by sharp objects and other such items).
We then found our set of 3 SipSnaps and a carrying case.
The Tot Size SipSnaps come in a three pack, with a case, and retail for $19.95. They are available in 3 color choices-Blue Quench, Rise N Shine, and Sandbox. Double Double also has a SipSnap for Kids, which is for use with a straw. They come in a pack of three and retail for $19.95 as well.
These silicone lids are universal, they can be stretched over any cup to provide clean, easy drinks for little ones. They are made of a high quality LFGB approved, food grade silicone that is also BPA, Phthalate, and Latex free.
We have lots of small glasses that the bigger kids use, C is always wanting one as well. Now she is able to have one. The SipSnaps make it very easy to use a regular cup and because they are spill proof, I know we won't have a huge mess. *Note*-they are not leak proof.
The SipSnap rolls right over the top of the cup, sealing it.
She drank this cup so fast, she was so excited to be big.
The spout is chew resistant as well. C has done really great with the transition to a cup with a SipSnap lid already and seems to prefer her cups this way now.
The SipSnaps are easy to clean, dishwasher safe. They don't take up much space, we have our stacked in the cabinet, so much less space than sippy cups. These lids are easily transportable, so you can take them on day trips, out to dinner, and even on vacation.
We love our SipSnaps, they are so easy to use, so easy to take with us, so easy to clean. These were a great creation by the moms at Double Double and I can't wait to see what products they come up with next.
 Congratulations to Double Double!!

Double Double has received the 2015 Red Dot Award for Design Excellence for the SipSnap!
Double Double has also received the 2015 Family Choice Award for the SipSnap!

Want It? Buy It!

 Do you know a Tot or Kid who could use a SipSnap, order them now! Double Double is offering our readers a 15% discount coupon on your next order. Please enter the code SipSnapMBP, expires 5/10/15. Be on the lookout for Double Double's next product, currently being developed! You can also follow Double Double on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr.

Many huge thanks to Sativa and Double Double for our SipSnaps!

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  1. I am surprised it took so long for something like this to come out. The worst part about sippy cups is that the child has to have a cup that is different from their older siblings, and that can create problems at times.


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