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Pet Giftbox #Review

I have three children at home, yes three! I should probably mention that my children have fur and four legs. Yup, Im a fur-mom. I have two adorable cats, a 4 year old gray tabby named Forrest after Josh's favorite movie and a 3 year old orange and white tabby named Milo after the movie Milo and Otis. We are also the pet parents to a GIANT 90+lbs, 3 year old, copper and white American Bulldog named Penny Lane, named after the song Penny Lane by The Beatles (my favorite band).

These three fur balls cause a lot of trouble and chaos in my house but I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world. I try to do the best by them and treat them as I would real live human children. Fur babies are probably the only babies I will ever have so they are really important to me. 

Just like regular kids, every once in a while my babies deserve a really special treat. Thats where Pet Giftbox comes in handy. Pet Giftbox specializes in awesome boxes just for your fur babies. Both dogs and cats can get some seriously cool stuff from Pet Giftbox!

 I love that they addressed the boxes to my babies! It was so cute! I can only imagine what the delivery person thought! Like seriously who lives in this house?! 

 To help celebrate March Madness we received two basketball themed boxes of fur baby stuff for all three of my kids. It was like Christmas at our house! They were all so excited! I could hardly keep them out of the boxes as I looked through them... especially Forrest and Milo. They probably would have just been happy with an empty box, sound like any toddlers you know?!

Penny Lane got a box all to herself! What a lucky girl!

Someone was a little nosey with the puppy box... well both boxes really. He's a cat and its a box, I can't expect anything else. 
Checkin out her haul.
Super soft squeaky ball. This was given to Penny's friend Merlin because she would have it torn apart in seconds. Merlin LOVED it. He goes and grabs it for his mommy every day when she comes home. 
Basketball shaped doggy cookie. It looked good enough to eat!

"Lotion" for the pups paws if they get dry and cracked or  burned. This is great for Penny because she gets dry paw pads in the winter and we also go to the beach a lot in the summer and the sand can burn her paw pads pretty quickly. 
Lickable vitamins. We haven't tried these yet but since they are 100% natural Im not afraid to give them to Pen. 

Squeaky chew shoe. This shoe floats and is super durable! Normally Penny can have a soft toy destroyed in seconds but she's had her shoe for a month and has only put a tiny little hole in it. I also like that its filled with a piece of foam instead of stuffing. Penny likes to eat the stuffing so when she gets a hole in her toys, its game on. I think this is why the shoe has lasted so long. 
Demon dog will destroy this ball! Look at the evil look in her eyes, even without the red she's ready to go to town!

I think I like this one mommy... I can has it?

Mmmm treats! Penny loved these power bones energy treats! They smelled funky but she enjoys them. 

Mmmm Muttzrrrella puppy treats! Penny LOVES these treats! They smell exactly like cheese wiz!

What's that mommy? Can you put some on my dry paw pads?

Yikes! That is in plastic and makes a super scary noise! GET AWAY! Even though my dog is enormous, she is a chicken and is afraid of everything. She wanted nothing to do with this cookie because the plastic made a crinkle noise.  

Whats this? I can eat it?

OH MY GOSH! CHEESE TREATS!!! Look at those crazy eyes!

She's crazy for that shoe!

Worn out from chasing her shoe. 
You frow my shoe pwease mommy?

What a rough life. She loves to grab a chew toy and make herself comfy on our couches even though she's not supposed to get up on them. 
She LOVES her shoe!!! Seriously, she thinks it's like the best thing she's ever had. 

Penny loved everything in her box and so did I. She really enjoys the treats and so does my moms dog Domino, we shared. Penny loves her shoe, and Merlin adores the fluffy ball. Pet Giftbox is totally great for dogs! 

The boys had to share but they didn't mind. 

And now for the kitty portion of the show. 

Checking out their haul, and what a haul it was!

Get out of the box Forrest!

Fluffy swan toy filled with glorious cat nip!

Happy Easter little bunny, you are about to become cat bait!

This little light up catnip ostrich was a hit in our house! The boys  fight over it. 

This cute little ball is made of natural products and jingles. Penny seems to like this one more than the boys do.

Jingle balls plague out house on a regular basis. The boys like them but Penny seems to think they are puppy toys cause they are balls.  

These delightful little treats were a big hit with the boys. We don't ever give them cat treats because Milo has a very sensitive system so these were extra special. They smelled ok and are made of natural ingredients plus they are grain free. Milo hasn't had any tummy trouble because of them. 

We haven't used these but since they are all natural I wouldn't be afraid to use them on my cats.  

Here is Forrest going completely crazy with the toys. He was like a tasmanian devil! He wore himself out playing which hardly ever happens. You can see him lay down in the video below.  

Here you can watch Milo playing with the little swan. The swan was also a pretty big hit. 

Forrest and Milo loved everything in their box and so did I. They love the treats and the toys are awesome.  Pet Giftbox is a great idea for cats too.  

Want it? Buy it!
Treat your special fur babies to a monthly Pet Giftbox today! If you don't have a fur baby, buy a Pet Giftbox for a friend. There is always a gifting option for this fabulous idea! Zee from Pet Giftbox has set up a special 30% off your first box code for all of our readers. Just use code mommysblockparty during payment for this awesome discount! 

Special thanks to Zee and Pet Giftbox for sponsoring this fantastic review. This is a review we will enjoy for a long time! 


  1. I love how your dog lets you show him each item to take a pic! That's so funny. The box itself had some really good stuff!! This looks awesome. My dogs would love it!

  2. She is such a calm dog when it comes to stuff like that Jackie because she's such a chicken! She has to carefully sniff everything because it might "hurt" her. There was a plastic bag stuck up high in one of our trees once and I mean like the tippy top of an oak tree, and she wouldn't go outside. For hours she stood on the back porch watching it and barking at it. If a stranger ever came to rob us we'd be out of luck cause she'd run away! :)


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