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Do you binge watch? In our house we alternate between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video instead of paying for a traditional cable TV service. This means we are just paying for the shows we want to watch rather than 74 channels only to feel like 'nothing good is on.'  Not only do I really like this concept because it's like voting with your dollars (stay tuned, I'm sure to write more on ways to do this), it also allows you to get really caught up in a good television show and watch all the episodes together instead of over many weeks.

With the addition of Mr. G, there isn't really time for us to do this, but maybe you have a rainy Saturday afternoon to spare. In which case, here are my top 20 shows for binge watching (also my favorites in general, some old, some new). No particular order (except FNL and MadMen are probably my all time favorite shows):

1. Friday Night Lights
2. MadMen
3. The Wire
4. House of Cards
5. Parenthood
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
7. The Americans
8. Veep
9. Firefly
10. Downton Abbey
11. Girls
12. Homeland
13. 24
14. Veronica Mars
15. Scandal
16. The O.C.
17. Orange is the New Black
18. The Good Wife
19. Say Yes to the Dress
20. Nashville

There are plenty of other good shows out there, but that I can't do in mass quantity. Which shows could you watch endlessly?

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