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My Dinosaur is More Awesome! Picture Book #Review

My Dinosaur is More Awesome!
Written and Illustrated by Simon Coster; March 3, 2015; $16.99; 9781632204165 (Ages 3-5)

When Joel and Olivia sit down to dinner with two of their favorite dinosaurs, Olivia can’t help but point out that her dinosaur is better. But Joel argues that this can't be true – his dinosaur is better! With so many impressive qualities, it’s hard to say which dinosaur is really better, but things get even trickier when a third dinosaur joins them at the dinner table. Simon Coster's debut picture book is a wonderfully funny, imaginative, and fun new take on a dinosaur story. This book is perfect for all children, parents, and dinosaur lovers alike.

Simon Coster is a largely self-taught artist who loves to experiment with a wide range of styles and genres. Although he paints mainly for recreation, his work has always drawn interest and has been exhibited and sold. This is his first children’s book.

Our thoughts...

We were thrilled to receive a copy of My Dinosaur is More Awesome from Sky Horse Publishing! Like most boys his age, B loves dinosaurs! Though he doesn't yet have a sibling, B is certainly starting to recognize what it is to feel a sense of competitiveness among friends. It seems as though once you make it through the terrible two's and three's, the attitude comes along with being four- he comes by it honestly, I might add. I was interested in seeing how the two siblings in this cute story would be able to come to some sort of agreement, and hoped that it would set a good example for B.

The book cover is colorful, and perfectly captures the idea of arguing siblings, one trying to out-do the other (been there with my sis!).

B loved seeing the two dinos head to head on the cover, and couldn't wait to dive into the story! He told me that he would take the blue dino, and I could have the red one.

Joel and Olivia are siblings, and they can't seem to agree on who has the best imaginary dinosaur. Olivia's dino is stylish, makes her own jam, eat electric eels, and drives an ice cream truck... while Joel's dino is awesome at jumping, sliding, has x-ray vision, and isn't afraid of bees!

Olivia and Joel's dinos, showing off their skills!

Here's a look at Joel's blue dino...

Joel and Olivia's mom has a little surprise in store for them... a dino of her own!

Like many parents, Olivia and Joel's mom wants them to stop arguing and eat their dinner, so she pulls out all of the stops and shares about her own awesome dino- which happens to be the winner of the awesome dinosaur contest. As we read along, we were pretty impressed by all of the cool things that Olivia and Joel's dinos could do, but none of that even compared to their mom's dino, who rode a bike while diamond crusted wheels, and had toots that smelled like lemon and lime (B and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this line- it sort of took me by surprise!).

We thought this was a great story, and it has become one of our favorites! It's lighthearted and fun for both adults and children, with fun pictures. and rhymes. I definitely recommend this story- and if you have more than one child, it would be fun to sit down and read, all together! This story encourages children to use their imaginations. I was prompted to ask B what might make his dinosaur more awesome than mine, and he came up with some great responses, like- 'My dino has ninja moves,' 'My dino only eats ice cream,' 'My dino never has to go to bed, 'My dino has a fairy,' etc. We might even add some of our own ideas and pictures to the story for more fun!

Want it? Get it!

Look for My Dinosaur is More Awesome! on Amazon!
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Special thanks to Sky Horse Publishing for sharing this wonderful book with us, and allowing us to share our thoughts with our readers!

Hope you'll pick up a book today!

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