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Change Your Shell- Not Your Purse! Miche #spotlightsponsor #Review

How many of you readers love purses? I do too! I love getting new purses but its always annoying to take everything out and put it all back into the new purse. I always seem to lose something or put it in a new pocket that I forget I have.

Miche solves that problem for me! Miche purses are simple and easy to use. With Miche’s unique design, you’ll never have to dump all your stuff into a new purse!  Each Miche style has a special insert (base) that fits into different outside coverings (shells). Both the bases, straps, and shells of Miche bags come in a huge variety of colors, styles, and sizes so you can truly have a one of a kind purse! Check out some of their gorgeous styles.

I love the rocker chick look that this bag has. 

The Emery is one of my favorite bags, its yellow so go figure!

Show off your American spirit with this adorable Miche bag!

Going to school? Get yourself a Miche backpack! 

Miche even has wallets and coin purses to go with your bags. This would look super cute with an Emery. 

I got to work with our Spotlight Sponsor Dare Robertson and she sent me my own Miche base and shell. I received the Demi size shell in Ruby($44.99) and base in black with black handles. I really like the color and style of my Ruby but the size is a little smaller than I normally carry… guess that means I need less junk in my purse huh? Here are some stylin pictures of my stylin new bag!

Ready to hit the road!

Is that pink or what?!

It fits all the stuff I actually need. 

I’ve received SO many compliments on my new purse from Miche. My mom has even threatened to steal it! Maybe I’ll be nice and let her borrow it, or better yet what a great Mother’s Day present! 

Speaking of Mother’s Day, make sure you check out Miche with Dare to pick up a great new bag for your mother. I don’t know a single mom who wouldn’t appreciate a brand new gorgeous purse from Miche. How great would your mom look all decked out in all this mactching Miche gear?!

My absolute favorite Miche design! I love the use of peacock colors!

Add a bracelet and mom will be super styling!

Throw in some peacock inspire earrings and look out! 

Then add a necklace and your mom will be the hottest trend setter in town!

 Mom would especially love a purse she can amp up to really make it hers. Check out these different straps you can pick from, and this isn't even close to all of them!

Want it? Buy it!
Check out Dare’s Miche page to start your own Miche collection, or if you’re lucky enough to already have a base bag get yourself some new shells. Or if you're super lucky and have a big colletion already get yourself an organizer, or some cute accessories. 
All Miche bag lovers need this on their closet doors... right husbands?!
I love this umbrella from Miche.

Look! It even has a matching cellphone cover! 

Bling out your bag with a little sparkle! This would look cute on my Rubby!

While checking out all the amazing purses Miche has to offer make sure you check out something from the Hope collection. All the items in the Hope collection are adorned with adorable dragonflys. 

How sweet is this collection? I love it!!! 

$5 from the sale of each Hope design goes toward research at the Huntsman Cancer Institue. Can’t decided which purse is right? Dare will be happy to help you find the exact purse for you, just shoot her a message on Facebook or through her Miche page! Happy purse hunting!

Special thanks to Dare and Miche for sponsoring this awesome review! Looking forward to working with you again! 


  1. Thanks so much Jess for your review! I am glad you are loving your very 1st Miche! We now offer 4 different sizes, so there is a perfect size for everyone!

  2. Wow- that Shell is HOT! I love it! What a great choice! I love my Miche Bag, and my mom loves hers, also. It is so cool that you can simply change the shell, and your bag can have a whole new look!

  3. My mom would love to receive a Miche purse for Mother's Day. She loves all the different colors and styles. I might have to surprise her with one this year.

  4. Oh my gosh-- never seen these-- its a great idea. so your not unloading your purse every time you change your mood or outfit--I really think this is something I need. Any one would use it . So my ideas, and choices.Thanks for your insight on this item.

  5. Glad you ladies are enjoying this review! Dare will be happy to help each of you get your first Miche!!


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