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Look Fresh For Easter With Jamberry #review

Easter is next week and that means it's finally getting to my favorite season of the year... SANDAL SEASON!!! That means that its time to get those toes in shape, dress them up, and let them out! Sadly, because I am a huge cluts and have sprained my ankle twice, sprained my foot, and sprained my MCL while wearing sandals I have really cut back. Therefore, I used my fingers for this review. They enjoyed it though!

Jamberry is one of the easiest and cleanest ways to do your nails these days without going to the salon. All you need is Jamberry nail wraps, a heat source like a hairdryer, a pair of clippers, and a nail file. Simple application, no stinky chemical smell, and no crazy paint jobs that tend to get more polish on your fingers than on your actual nails. What else could you want?!

Senior Lead Consultant and MBP Spotlight Sponsor Molly Connell sent me a beautiful set of wraps to check out and beautify my life with. I love the colors and the style. Im not sure how she did it, but Molly picked the perfect set of nail wraps for me! If I had to pick my own set, these totally would have been in my top 10. They match basically all of my clothes and look great with my skin coloring.

Glitz wraps from Jamberry
I had my wraps on my fingers and the package out on my desk at school (I don't have internet access at home so I write my blogs after school) and all the kids wanted to wear one. So, I trimmed my leftovers and made a small little nail wrap for each of my students. Yes, even the boys wanted them! The kids loved the unity it brought all of us. We were totally styling! All the littles at school though my nails looked amazing! It always amazes me how VERY aware the students are of any change a teacher makes on themselves. 

Kindergarten Jamberry power! 
Speaking of littles, Jamberry does sell wraps for kiddo fingers as well. This would be a super cute thing to do with your little ones to bond with them. In fact, ithe Easter bunny probably should stuff your littles Easter basket with some Jamberry Juniors! I mean check out these adorable styles!!! 

I love the fox wraps!

Great for Easter

These just scream childhood! 

I absolutely love my Glitz nail wraps from Jamberry and really enjoyed working with Molly! My wraps will look great with my Easter outfit too. They are just so perfect!

So gorgeous!!!
 My most favorite part of Jamberry is the ability to mix and match nail wraps for a funky manicure that is sure to rock your hands and feet! Just imagine adding a different set of wraps like Gala in with Glitz!

Gala nail wraps
To see what Gala looks like mixed with Glitz, check out this Jamberry user's instagram.
 Or, if you don't want all nail wraps and are actually good at painting your nails, unlike myself, check out all of Jamberry's nail polishes.

If you love Jamberry as much as I do, you HAVE to check out their newest idea. Stylebox!

I can only imagine how much fun it would be to have Jamberry delivered right to my door all the time. Id have the flashiest nails around! 

Each box comes with two wraps and everything you need to be poppin some fresh nails!

Want it? Buy it!

The new Spring and Summer line is avaliable now. Make sure you visit Molly's page and check out the latest collection of Jamberry products. If you get in contact with Molly she would love to offer you free shipping and free tax. Please comment below with your Jamberry love story! 


Special thanks to Molly and Jamberry for sponsoring this great review! 

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  1. What an adorable photo of 'Jamberry power' with you and the littles! Love it!


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