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Get Ready for Summer with Tupperware® #Review #SpotlightSponsor

It's my favorite time of the year. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is out longer, and it's just about time for picnics, family barbecues, and trips to the beach! 
Because we are outdoors and a lot more active during the summer, it's important to me that the girls are staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Earlier this month, we were lucky to work with Saundra Biggs, an Independent Consultant with Tupperware®. She sent the perfect item for us to review as the summer approaches; these adorable Seashore Tumblers.

Now, I'm sure you've heard of Tupperware® before today.  Most people I know grew up with at least one of the famous containers in their house, likely "borrowed" from a friend or relative.  The name itself has become synonymous with plastic food storage containers, but make no mistake- not all plastic ware is created equal and Tupperware® is the best of the best!

When our tumblers arrived, Drew and Reese could hardly wait to put them to use, Although they are dishwasher safe, I started off by hand washing them and letting (most of) them air dry so that the girls could use them right away, during afternoon snack time. While I was washing them, I heard both girls staking claim on the tumblers they wanted to be "theirs".

I Asked Drew to Show Me How Much She Liked Her Tumbler- I Got This Face! 

 I Asked Reese to Show Me How Much She Liked Her Tumbler- She Just Started Drinking! 

We all love these tumblers. The girls want to use them at every meal. The flip top spouts are easy enough for smaller hands to open and close, the designs are attractive for summer themed activities (or for people who love or have kiddos that love sea creatures), and they are a great size to keep you nice and hydrated without having to refill over and over again.

Time for Snack!  

My favorite thing about these tumblers, besides the cute summery theme, is their liquid tight seal. There was an incident where the turtle tumbler (which happened to be filled with fruit punch) was left laying on its side on the couch! When I saw it, I panicked. I thought for sure the couch cushion would be soaked (and possibly stained), but there was not one drop of liquid lost from the tumbler!

I also appreciate that because the lids fit on so tightly, it can be pretty difficult to open the tumbler. It puts my mind at ease knowing that while the kids are able to easily open the spout, it is pretty close to impossible for them to remove the lid. This way, if I have to step away from them for a moment, I know that (unless they are holding the tumbler upside down with the spout wide open) they will not be spilling their drinks all over the place.

The Seashore Tumblers aren't the only awesome thing you can get from Tupperware® Consultant Saundra Biggs. Check out some of these awesome items that have made our wish list!

One Guess How These Disney Princess Tumblers Got on the List! 

These Hamburger Keepers Would Be Another Great Addition for our Summer Activities!

How Great is 'The Hamptons Lunch Bag'?

This Banana Keeper Would Definitely Come in Handy with Our Little Monkeys! 

I Always Need Cutting Boards and These are Awesome!

Tupperware® sure has come a long way since it was first introduced back in 1945! Do you think Earl Tupper could have ever imagined how big a deal his invention would be? 

Imagine Attending an Early Tupperware® Party!

 Want It? Buy It! 

The Seashore Tumblers are available through August at just $35 for the set of 6! They would make an awesome end of the year gift for a teacher (you can break up the set if you are buying gifts for more than one teacher). There are great ideas, like this one, that you can find on Pinterest if you plan on using these for a gift.
 Connect with Saundra today for other great gift ideas and/or to order any of the items mentioned in this post. It is clear to see that Saundra truly enjoys what she does and loves helping others. Be sure to ask her how she can help you earn FREE Tupperware® items by 'Dating a Party'! If it's extra money you need, she can help you with that too! Ask her about the benefits of being a consultant for Tupperware®.  

A Special Thank You to Saundra for the opportunity to review the Seashore Tumblers and share our experience with Mommy's Block Party readers! 

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