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Get Ready for a Dino-riffic Adventure! Dinosaur Escape Game by Peaceable Kingdom #Review + #Giveaway

April is drawing to a close, which means that there are only a handful of weeks until school is out for the summer! We plan on enrolling B in summer play group select weeks of the summer at his school, but I am already fully aware that he'll be spending a lot of time back at home with me during some of the off weeks. Don't get me wrong- we have trips to take, and he'll be busy part of the summer with the day camps, but I know that I have to have a plan of action to keep him busy and engaged this summer! For days at home, we turn to crafts, reading, games and learning activities.

Having fun and educational games at home is important to me, and that's why we turn to Peaceable Kingdom. We have previously featured several Peaceable Kingdom games and products on MBP, and all of our past reviews of their products have been stellar! Check out some of our past Peaceable Kingdom reviews.

Peaceable Kingdom came onto the scene in 1983 (so they've been around as long as I've been alive), with a goal set to create fun, fresh products that educate, stimulate and inspire. It all started with just one product, and today, Peaceable Kingdom offers lots of products, ranging from greeting cards and stickers to cooperative games for all ages. Peaceable Kingdom's motto is one we should all strive to live by: 'Make good, do good, be good!' Peaceable Kingdom uses sustainable materials in their products, as much as they can- items like recycled paper, etc.

Peaceable Kingdom has three new games for 2015, and we were thrilled to receive an opportunity to try one of them out! They all looked fabulous to me, but one of them in particular stood out- one that I knew my little explorer would totally dig!

'Wow- a box for me? What could it be?'

B couldn't wait to dig into the box and unearth what was inside!

B was over the moon about receiving the Dino Escape Game from Peaceable Kingdom! Can you tell?

B was totally thrilled when he removed the Dinosaur Escape game box from the packing box. We're huge fans of Peaceable Kingdom products, particularly their wonderful cooperative games. Dinosaur Escape is new for 2015, and is right up B's alley- as he loves dinos! He was totally captivated by the colorful game box (the erupting volcano was totally cool to him), and he couldn't wait to see how we could work together to play this fun new game.

The Dinosaur Escape Game comes ready to play in a colorful box (dinosaurs included with the game).

This game is intended for ages 4+, can be played with 2-4 players, and can be played in about 10 minutes. This game is perfect for B's age, provides a fun way to play, learn, interact, and work with with others toward a common goal, meaning there is no winning or losing- everyone works together.

The back of the game box shows a nice photo of the game board, what's included and the gist of the game for quick set up and fast play.

The game board was lying right on top when we opened up the game box.

We laid the game board out and were so excited!

The game board was so colorful and fun! It looked like we'd be following a path with the dinos! We noticed right away that there was a little island off to the side, and we wondered what that was for? There were three different areas on the game board, as well as desert areas, and circles to place game pieces on. The game included directions- which listed different ways to play the game. The game pieces included dice, pieced to build a volcano, twelve circle pieces to be placed on the board, and three small dinosaurs.

Peaceable Kingdom game boards are always so vibrant!

We placed the twelve circle pieces (fern side up) on the game board, and then placed the dinosaurs in their starting places. The goal of the game is to move the dinos around the board, and turn over the ferns to find the matching dino that is in play. Once you find the matching dino, you can move it over to Dinosaur Island. All of the dinos need to be moved to Dinosaur Island before the volcano is constructed. On the dice, is a picture of a volcano. If you roll the volcano, one piece of the volcano must be added to the base. If the volcano is fully built before the dinos make it to Dinosaur Island, the game is over.

B had a lot of fun situating the fern circles, and couldn't wait to start playing!

Here, we have all of the dinos in play, ready to get over to Dinosaur Island before the volcano erupts!

The volcano takes shape one piece at a time...

There is also a fun surprise to this game- a hidden T-Rex! If you happen to find the T-Rex, the dinos have to make a run for it, to get away from him! What I like about this game, is that any of the players can move any dino they'd like to during the game... no one gets to be a specific dino. Everyone is working toward the goal of moving the dinos over to Dinosaur Island before the volcano is built and erupts- the goal is for everyone to work together to help the dinos escape!

We have already played Dinosaur Escape several times. B loves the game- he actually loves building the volcano more than helping the dinos escape (not surprising). This game allows us to take turns, and teaches B how to work with others- something that is so important for kids to learn and work on at this age. We have only been able to help all three dinos escape to the island before the volcano has been built twice when we've played- so the game definitely poses a challenge to the players! It's super wonderful that B doesn't get frustrated if the volcano is built before we helps all of the dinos escape- we just say oh, well- we'll try again, and start the game over.

Dinosaur Escape GMC7
Features of Dinosaur Escape Cooperative Game

Ages 4+
2-4 players
Plays in 20 minutes
No reading required

Learning Skills:
Simple strategy
Following directions

Peaceable Kingdom has so many beautiful games, activities, cards and more for kids!
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If you're looking for some great games to keep the kiddos entertained this summer, or looking to add some fun games to your summer camp or classroom, look no further! Peaceable Kingdom's award-winning cooperative games and products will have you coming back for more, more more! I know that I'll be so thankful to have a stash of these fun games at home this summer! We can't wait to see what Peaceable Kingdom will roll out with next!

Want It? Buy It!

Dinosaur Escape is available for $17.99 on Amazon.com, and you can purchase other Peaceable Kingdom items there, as well, or at select retail locations. Head on over to Peaceable Kingdom to learn more about their company and their award-winning children's games and products! Be sure to sign up for the Peaceable Kingdom Birthday Kid Club, and to follow Peaceable Kingdom on Facebook and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Dinosaur Escape Cooperative Game from our friends at Peaceable Kingdom! This holiday giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. No PO Boxes, please. Just use the easy peasy RC Giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at Peaceable Kingdom for allowing us to review and share about the Dinosaur Escape game, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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