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Freshen Up Your Home with Scents by Pink Zebra #Review + #Giveaway

Pink Zebra - Candles, Home Fragrance & Accessories

Pink Zebra, diva style! Fragrances touch all of our senses, evoking memories and stimulating our moods. The aroma of cookies baking in the oven brings to mind happy times spent in the kitchen surrounded by family and friends. A folded basket of warm, fresh laundry implies clean and pure. Fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about and what we enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented wax melt that is available in over 50 different scents – combining different scents together allows you to make your own custom blend.
Make some new memories today!

Presented by Lonna Corcoran, Independent Consultant

Recently, MBP was approached by Lorna Corcoran, who happens to be an Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra. Lonna shares the same love for home fragrance that we here at MBP do, so it seemed like a smart match. Pink Zebra offers beautiful warmers and Sprinkles, which are tiny fragrance melts, which are available in a variety of scents, and can be mixed and matched to customize your own scent. Throughout the years, Pink Zebra's manufacturing facility has become an impressive and ranked US Candle factory, producing the finest home fragrance products in the world.  A part of Pink Zebra's mission is to change your fragrance and change lives. This is happening through our consultant business opportunity and through all of our hosts and customers. To look back in twenty years and say that Pink Zebra helped change lives by helping families everywhere is the dream of the founders. Pink Zebra also fives back through their wonderful HEROES program, which you can read more about on Lonna's personal Pink Zebra Website.

If you love candles and yummy smells in your house, then you need to check out Pink Zebra.  I received a warmer and jar of sprinkles.  I was already familiar with Pink Zebra, so I knew I was in for a treat!!  This was my 1st experience with a Pink Zebra warmer and I love it.  It heats quickly and melts the sprinkles much quicker then my store bought warmer I have used in the past.  I also like that the warmer uses a lightbulb instead of a tealight candle. If I'm home, the warmer is on and I don't have to worry about a candle burning. 

The  package from Lonna arrived, and I couldn't wait to check it out! Lying right on top was a new Pink Zebra catalog!

I love the Pink Zebra packaging- it's so sassy and fun!

Lonna took extra care to make sure that the items were well packaged and protected. The warmer pieces were individually boxed, and protected by Styrofoam. Lonna also bubble wrapped the items, to ensure that nothing would wind up broken during the shipping process.

My new PZ goodies, all laid out with the catalog!

Pink Zebra has Sprinkle Scents instead of the chunky bars that take longer to melt and smell good.  When using Sprinkles please remember they are not to eat.  This may be hard because they smell good enough to eat.  My husband and son both commented on how good the house smelled and my husband actually thought I had baked something.  I expect my jar of Sprinkles to last for a while as it doesn't take much in your warmer.  I hope you guys will enjoy Pink Zebra as much as I am!!

The shade is a frosted glass cylinder. It simply sits right on the warmer base.

The PZ Warmer Bulb comes with the warmer.

The warmer bulb has a PZ logo on it- how cute is that? Simply (and carefully) screw in the light bulb in the warmer base. This is what heats and melts the sprinkles. You'll want to take care to remember that the melted sprinkles become hot, and should be kept out of reach of pets and small children. Extra warmer bulbs can be ordered through Lonna.

I love the simplicity of this warmer...it will work any place I want to put it in my house. 

Place the warming dish on top of the warmer, and then plug the warmer in to turn it on. You will immediately notice a warm glow from the light of the warmer. It's so beautiful, and adds a lovely touch to any room of your home! For our first run with the PZ Warmer and Sprinkles, we placed the warmer on the kitchen counter.

A beautiful combo- a PZ Warmer and a yummy jar of Sprinkles!

These Sprinkles look and smell delicious!

The neat thing about the glass jars that the Sprinkles come in, is that they can be reused for many different things! Simply wash them out when you run out of Sprinkles, and use them as you wish! You may wind up with quite the collection- as you may want to have lots of different choices of Sprinkles at home!

I could have eaten this whole jar of sprinkles!!  It was like walking into a bakery.

Sprinkle the Sprinkles from the jar into the warming dish...

...you only need a few to get things going!

Then, step back and let the warmer do its thing!

You'll smell the yummy scent of the Sprinkles as soon as you open up the jar, and your home will smell even better after you turn the warmer on!

Check out the beautiful, soft glow of the warmer!

After just a few minutes, the Sprinkles will be melted, and your house will be smelling Fantastic!

The PZ Warmers and Sprinkles are such a smart match! I love the uniqueness of the Sprinkles, especially. How cool is it that you can mix and match the Sprinkles to create your own custom fragrance? Just sprinkle a few Sprinkles from the jars of your choice to create your own scent!

Simmering Lights Kit
Simmering Light Base & Frosted Shade 

Black metal electrical base with 7.5 ft cord & on/off switch, includes 1-25 watt bulb, 1
glass dish, and a frosted glass liner shade.
4.25 "diam. x 6" h 4006771 

You can purchase different shades to add to your Simmering Light Base. C
heck out some of the new designs for Spring & Summer 2015...

Adorable Bumble Bee

Penny the Fish


PZ also has other warmer and candle options...

Glimmer Candle Kit (add Sprinkles)

Watercolor Pt. Pack

Simmer Pots

Reed Diffusers

Soaps and Lotions

Pink Zebra also has a fantastic collection of Sprinkles, which you can buy by the jar, or carton, Shop by scent A-Z, or by category, like bakery scents, citrus scents, etc. Pink Zebra warmers are great for the home or office, and of course, there are monthly specials for hostesses, and customers! PZ has a fantastic business opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting their own PZ business. I'm sure Lonna will tell you that these products sell themselves, because they're just so wonderful! Pink Zebra products make wonderful gifts, as well! If you're thinking ahead to Mother's Day, be sure to connect with Lonna and ask her to help you pick out the perfect PZ product to surprise mom with!


Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Lonna's personal Pink Zebra website to learn more about Pink Zebra and their wonderful products. Lonna would be happy to assist you with a purchase, answer your questions, help you set up an online party (so you can become a hostess and earn PZ product), or share the PZ opportunity with you! You can even grab PZ Sprinkles recipes on Lonna's website! What's your recipe for the perfect scent? You can also connect further with Lonna through her personal PZ page on Facebook.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a jar of PZ Sprinkles from Lonna! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! One entry per household, please. This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to Lonna for allowing me to experience Pink Zebra in my home, and for offering this wonderful spring giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. I would love to try the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie scent.

    1. it smells SO good too! Definitely enter to win a free Jar!!

  2. I think the simmer pots would be great for a gift for my mom.

    1. The simmer pots are nice because they are small and dainty and can go anywhere in the house. They also come in a variety of colors! Check them out on my website www.sprinklesbylonna.com


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