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Comfortable Fashionable Travel with Sassimi {Review and Giveaway}

Packing for Hawaii was something I put off until the very last minute. Obviously Hawaii is an island, and everything I read said that is how people will be dressed, Island casual. I was perfectly happy hearing this, because dressing fancy is not my style, I am very happy in a maxi dress and flip flops or shorts with a tank and sandals. I made a list and kept looking over it, but couldn't bring myself to actually put stuff in a suitcase until the night before we left.
Once I finally laid everything out, I was very pleased with all of my selections. I had two nicer Island casual outfits to wear to my husband's business dinners, and the rest was really stuff to explore the islands in and spend casual days. I also had a great pair of comfortable, yet very fashionable Island casual pants to wear thanks to this next company.
Sassimi, founded in 2006, is an eco friendly, lifestyle apparel company. They are inspired to come up with casual, elegant pieces that are comfortable and effortless with a coastal resort and spa feel. Sassimi uses Bamboo to create clothing that has cashmere like softness and beautiful fit. Sassimi uses Bamboo as a fabric resource in their apparel. They use bamboo for many reasons:
  • It is Renewable
  • It is Sustainable
  • It leaves a Low Water Footprint
  • There are many Environmental Benefits
  • They are making Strides in Innovation
To read more about why Sassimi chooses Bamboo, click here.
How perfect that Sassimi would offer coastal resort/spa type apparel, just what I needed and wanted for my trip. I was thrilled that they were interested in partnering with us and immediately got browsing their online shop. I worked with Tera, who originally suggested a Hi Lo top, which was very cute, but something else had caught my eye. Tera was quick to agree that my idea would be perfect for the Hawaii trip and feature. We emailed back and forth with information and also some suggestions from Tera, she was very helpful--thanks Tera!
After receiving shipping/tracking information, a few days later my Sassimi package had arrived!
My beautiful helper ready to see what was in the package.
"What could it be?"
We found this neatly folded pair of pants, safely sealed inside a plastic shipping bag.
These pants retail for $50 and come in sizes S-XL. They are made of 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex, making them very soft, comfortable, and chic. They are a crisp white color, perfect for an island vacation or summer date nights.
In my suitcase I packed both a navy/white tank and a completely black tank to pair with my pants. I was excited to wear them to our Luau dinner for my husband's work function. I knew the evenings would be a bit cooler and that the Del Mar pants would be a great fit.
They packed well in my suitcase, minimal wrinkles and very easy to hang up in the closet. The evening of the Luau, I pulled them out and put them on, they were so soft and flowy, very comfortable. I ended up pairing it with my black tank, because I needed to wear black wedge sandals because the pants were a bit longer on me, the inseam is 32", I ordered the medium, which is for an 8-10, it was a perfect fit waist-wise.
Unfortunately, in all our fun and festivities I didn't get a full body picture, so I didn't get any of the pants in the pictures (I do have some farther down from a different day though).
Heading down for our Luau, this lei was so fragrant and fresh I couldn't believe it. Pardon my hair too, it did NOT love Hawaii.
Here is the fire dancer

It had rained earlier in the evening so we ended up having dinner inside. I was so glad I had chosen the pants, because the event hall was very chilly. The pants were fancy yet casual and oh so soft, I couldn't wait to wear them again and again.
The Del Mar Bamboo Pants are very versatile. I wore them for a nice Luau dinner in Hawaii, but also for a casual friends dinner on a warmer night recently. I know you aren't supposed to wear white before Memorial Day, but these pants are too comfortable and nice to skip over when the temps are in the 70s.
Again, I have to pair them with wedge sandals to make sure the ends don't drag on the ground and get ruined. I would recommend wearing wedges if you are on the shorter side, I am 5'4, but don't be afraid of the length, because the pants really are a great buy.
They are also very easy to care for, machine wash cold, hang to dry. I air dry most of my clothes just for safe measure, so these pants are nothing of a hassle to wash and come out looking just as nice as they did going in. I look forward to wearing these pants on many occasions coming up later this spring and summer.
Check out these other really great pieces from Sassimi that are on my wish list:
Want It? Buy It!
Are you looking for casual, comfortable apparel that you can wear almost anywhere? Sassimi has a variety of styles and options, made with Bamboo that are high quality and travel ready. You can follow Sassimi on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a pair of Sassimi Del Mar Bamboo Pants. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
So many thanks to Sassimi for my comfy pants and for offering a giveaway!

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  1. Steph, I love those pants! They look great on you, and look super comfy! I love the items I own from Sassimi- they are fabulous! Good luck to all who enter this wonderful giveaway and thanks to Sassimi!! -O

  2. Those look super comfy sis! I wish they had them in my size!!

  3. My favorite is the Del Mar Ombre Bamboo Shirt.

  4. My favorite bottom is the La Jolla Bamboo Capri Pants.

  5. Aruba Wide Leg Cropped Bamboo Pants

  6. Belize Long Sleeve Bamboo Top with Flattering Ruched Sides in Pewter

  7. I like the Aruba Breeze Bamboo Top

  8. I like the Ibiza Colorblock A-line Bamboo Dress


  9. I like the Aruba Bamboo Sleeveless Flair Top : Indigo Tie Dye

  10. I love the ombre shirt! It's so pretty and looks so comfy!

  11. Belize Bamboo Top with Drop Shoulders and Hi Lo Hem

  12. I love the capris. Those are super cute and look very comfortable.

  13. I like the Ibiza Sleeveless Color Block Bamboo Top.

  14. I love the Belize V-Neck Bamboo Top with Drop Shoulders and Hi Lo Hem....so cute!

  15. I like the La Jolla Bamboo Capri Pants.

  16. I love the La Jolla Sumptuous Bamboo Shirt. That shirt paired with the pants you reviewed would be so CUTE!!


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