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365 A Day Late

Sorry this is a day late readers but I was celebrating Easter with all my family yesterday. For this weeks 365 Acts of Kindness Id like to tell you about a special family at my school.

A few weeks ago, a family with two young boys that both go to our school lost their home and belongings in a fire. They all made it out safely but they lost everything. Because of that, I have been working with them to help them get all the things they'll need until they can start to rebuild. 

Just a few short hours after the fire. 
I've taken two car loads of donated clothes, brand new clothes, money, and gift cards to them at the hotel they are staying at and I've been trying to help find their dog. I walked around their neighborhood and surrounding areas posting missing flyers. I've posted tons of things on Facebook trying to help as much as I can and I even got an article posted in the Chicago Tribune for them.

This is Speedy, he's still missing.
Im doing this for the family because as members of our school, they are members of our family. Trinity Lutheran School in Hobart is one big family and we will do whatever we can to ease the lives of our students and their families in times of need. Please send your prayers for the family also!

Hug your loved ones because you never know what tomorrow could bring. 

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