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365 Acts of Kindness

A few days late, but no less important.
Recently my son's school sent home a challenge for all of the families to focus on the small things that can make big differences in the lives of others.

I was so excited and touched by this service project given to us. It was so simple, yet so meaningful and gave each of us the opportunity to do what we can. Our family made a quick list of things we could do for others. We then set out to accomplish our tasks and after we completed them, we sent in a green shamrock to school. The shamrock was then displayed on a large bulletin board for the entire school to reflect on.
Some suggestions included:
Delivering your neighbors paper/mail to their door
Call a long distance relative who could use some cheer
Do yardwork or run errands for a neighbor
Deliver a meal to an elderly person or young family with many/new children
Give a ride to someone in need
Say hello and smile to a stranger
This visual display showed the students, staff, and families that as we move through our day to day lives, we are often unaware of others and their needs, but by our actions, we are now doing small things to make a difference.
Check out this video, it is pretty powerful:
For more ideas, please check out RandomActsofKindness.org

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