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Wigglesworth Family Game Night Gets a Makeover With Games from Simply Fun- #Fruit Flies and #Farkel & More Review

Wigglesworth family game night recently got a makeover, and by makeover I mean it went from practically non-existent to a celebration every Friday! We've been trying for a while to organize a family game night, but when you have a 7 year old and a 2 year old, finding games that are enjoyable for the whole family is a pretty difficult task. When we got the news we were going to partner with Ami Storey, a Playologist with Simply Fun and one of our newest Spotlight Sponors, I think Matt and I were just as excited as Drew and Reese. 

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Ami is a mom to 3 sweet kiddos; a 5 year old boy and 3 year old twin girls. She began her journey as a Simply Fun consultant because she was familiar with and loved the products. Being a consultant with Simply Fun allows her to earn an extra income while sharing some fabulous award winning games for children of all ages and stages!

This was my first experience with Simply Fun, so I was pretty eager to check out Ami's website. One of the things that caught my eye right away was the 'Importance of Play' tab which, once clicked, gives a brief overview about why play is an important part of learning, shares videos about play, and shares links to various articles and books about play. 

I know play is a crucial part of learning, so when I saw this company's mission was to build smarter kids and stronger families through play, I was absolutely delighted! I spent quite a while perusing the website and had a rather large wishlist of games picked out, but don't worry I will only be reviewing two of them here.

 I thought Fruit Flies and Farkel & More would be a great fit for our family. Both games are suggested for elementary aged children, but based on the descriptions, I thought Reese would be able to play with some assistance. When our box arrived, the girls could not wait to open it up.

They Could Barely Sit Still For This Picture as Evidenced by Reese's Blurry Face

Drew Quickly Unpacking the Games

Drew Found Farkel and More and the Simply Fun Catalog

Reese Found Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies

We opted to play Fruit Flies first (say that 3 times fast) and had a blast! I found this card game to be  a cross between memory and slap-jack. It is so much fun that it's hard to stop playing, even when you are exhausted.
Players each receive a starting card that has 3 elements: a fruit, a number, and a color. Each player has to win three more cards that each match a different element of their card. To claim a card, you have to be the first to "slap" it with your hand. 
I love how much this game got Drew to focus and how easily we could modify it to include Reese on the fun. The giggles that came along with the game play were also pretty great!

Our Test Run with Fruit Flies

Drew Hovering as She Waits For a Needed Card

Reese Grabbing This Card (I Don't Think She Needed it, but She Liked it!)

Who Will Get the Next Needed Card? 

Farkel & More

I have to warn you, there is a bell that comes with this game! I was not paying enough attention and didn't realize that when we chose it. It's not so horrible, but in the hands of a 2 year old.... yeah, this mom ended up hiding it. 
I've played Farkel before and I thought that it would be a great game to get Drew more interested in math. This version is slightly different than the way I played before, but we still had a lot of fun.
In the game, each player takes turns rolling the 10 dice and they receive points based on what they roll. During the game, players will make decisions that help them receive more points or lose them. With each roll there is more risk and more excitement!
We have only played Farkel so far, but there are instructions for 10 more dice games (like Sequences, Centennial, and Best Ball) included in this gaming package and I can't wait to check them all out!

We Discovered it Was Easier to Play Using Cups to Shake and Roll the Dice and a Box to Catch Them.... 

.....Especially for Reese's Smaller Hands

We absolutely love these games and cannot wait until the next Wigglesworth Family Game Night! We are so glad we had this chance to work with Ami, our Simply Fun Playologist.  I know you guys will love these games (and Ami)  just as much as we do. 

Want It? Buy It! 

You can order these great games and more directly from Ami's Website. Be sure you are keeping up with Ami  on Facebook too. She is currently having a Mystery Hostess Party, which means that you could potentially win free product*!

*Be sure to see her post on Facebook for all of the details*. 

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