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Whoa Baby Kids Box from A & M Treasure Box {Review}

S is such a sweet, beautiful, girly girl who loves dressing up and accessorizing for almost any occasion. She loves doing fancy things and going on special dates with her mommy and daddy too. For Christmas she received a larger jewelry box for all her current pretties and also her continually growing collection.
We were thrilled to hear that a company that specializes in monthly jewelry subscriptions was interested in working with us. I knew S would be very happy to hear the news that a fun little package was headed her way. As a fashionista of the month, S would receive a box of jeweled goodies to sparkle and shine in.
A & M Treasure Box is an online business, operated by a full time teacher, Anel, and a business major, Michael. They combined their names, brain power, design ideas, inspiration, and ambition and they created a way to send trendy jewelry, right to your door, every month.
In our busy world, trends can change quickly. Anel knows how to find the best pieces of jewelry, educate on how to use it, and make you stand out in the crowd. Michael knows how to make people happy by offering them access to what they want and need. Together, A & M Treasure Box is offering true surprises for fashionistas of every age.
“We pride ourselves in being different by allowing our subscribers to get a feel for a piece that they typically would not buy for themselves without having to take a quiz. We believe that when people take a style quiz, the result will reflect pieces like the ones they already own- why do that? See, most jewelry subscription companies claim that jewelry is not one size fits all, which in fact can be true, but we like to say- why knock it without trying it?  We find that many people have discovered their love for pieces they thought they would never wear when they receive our Treasures. After all, style is all about having fun and trying new things.” -A&M Treasure Box
How Does A & M Treasure Box Work?
A & M Treasure Box is very simple. You first must join A & M Treasure Box by creating an account. Then, you must select which box you would like to receive. A & M offers three box options-Everyday Box ($22/month), Glam Box($27/month), or Kids Box ($22/month) and shipping is free. Once you have chosen your box, you will need to enter your payment information. All of the jewelry shopping is done for you and your first box will arrive during the month following your paid subscription. You may find hints on A & M's social media outlets, but everything you receive will be a surprise. The box will arrive mid-month, every month for as long as you are subscribed, subscriptions need to be made before or on the last day of the month to receive the next month's box, you will be billed on the first of the month. You will also receive a tracking number when packages have been mailed via USPS. Plans renew automatically, but you can cancel any time by logging into your account and selecting cancel, there is no fee to do this.
Please note: Boxes can not be returned and refunds are not issued, but A & M will work with you if you happen to encounter any issues. If you are dissatisfied, you must contact customer service at customersupport@amtreasurebox.com or unsubscribe before the end of the month.
 What Comes in an A & M Treasure Box?
Each box will contain jewelry that will meet your tastes. If you selected the $22/Month Everyday Box, you will receive 2-3 pieces of trendy, simple jewelry for regular, every day wear. They will be a bit more subtle, but still beautiful and fun with a value between $40-$60. The $27/Month Glam Box will contain 2-3 pieces of very stylish and stunning, modern pieces. They will be bold and versatile and have a value between $65-$85.  The $22/Month Kids Box will have 2-3 pieces that are kid-friendly (ages 3+), trendy, and adorable to pair with any outfit. They will be so much fun and have a value of $40-$60. To sneak a peek at previous boxes, click here.
We were given the opportunity to be a Fashionista and review a Whoa Baby Kids Box for the month of February.
Our A & M Treasure Box package is here!
S is thrilled to see a package for her, she can't wait to open it up!
Shipped USPS in a manila envelope
Inside we found a large white cardboard box with an A & M logo sticker clearly on top
Getting ready to peek inside
Here is what we found in our white cardboard box
A welcome card letting us know how excited A & M is to have us receive some beautiful treasures. It also included links to their social media outlets and customer service information.
A package wrapped up in pretty blue tissue paper.
A list of what was included in the box
We were excited to find these 3 items inside the blue tissue paper and a small white organza baggie
The first item we discovered was the Rhinestone Heart Shaped Necklace
Valued at $19, this necklace is perfect for the month of February and celebrating Valentine's Day. A small red rhinestone heart sits on an 18" gold chain with a simple but secure clasp. S loves it and has worn it to both church and school. It seems to be well made and I don't expect it to fall apart like some jewelry we own has.
The second item we found was a pair of Rhinestone Heart Shaped Stud Earrings
Valued at $12, these sweet earrings pair well with the necklace. S was disappointed because she does not have pierced ears yet, so she will not be able to wear them. I could see this being an issue with many younger girls too. They are very sparkley and pretty, it is a shame we can't use them.
The third item was a Pink Bow Bangle
Valued at $12, this dainty little bangle is really sweet. S loves it, it is a perfect fit for her. It is a very thin gold bangle with a small, light pink bow with a diamond accent. The bangle is S's favorite piece and very easy for her to wear for a variety of occasions.
The February A & M Treasure Box is filled with kid friendly, trendy pieces of jewelry. Only 2 of the 3 items worked for our little girl, which was sort of a bummer, but the risk you take. The value of this box is easily seen with this breakdown:

Rhinestone Necklace-$19
Rhinestone Earrings-$12
Bow Bangle-$12
If you had paid for just one month of A & M Treasure Box, it would run you $22 for the Kids Box, so this box ends up being about half of what retail value would be. Considering we could only use 2 pieces, it doesn't make the value as great, but if you can use all 3, the value is much better. I'm not sure I would pay retail price for any of these items individually, but paired in the A & M Treasure Box makes them a much more affordable way to accessorize.
I love the idea that Anel and Michael have come up with, and wish them the best of luck with A & M Treasure Box!
Want It? Buy It!
Does A & M Treasure Box look like something you need in your life? I think the Glam Box would be super fun to try. You can also follow A & M Treasure Box on their social media outlets-Facebook and Instagram.
Many thanks to A & M Treasure Box for allowing us to be a fashionista for the month!

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