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The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance DVD {Review}

The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance
Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray, released March 10th, 2015
Retails for $19.99 (DVD) $34.99 (Blu-Ray)

On March 10th, 2015, Nickelodeon released the fourth DVD in The Legend of Korra series, Book Four: Balance. This follows the original The Legend of Korra Book One: Air, The Legend of Korra Book Two: Spirits, and The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change. It is currently available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, with 294 minutes of run time. This two disc set DVD, which includes all 13 episodes of the fourth and final season, will help fans relive the excitement.
In Book One, Korra struggles to fight an anti-bender movement led by a mysterious masked leader, Amon. In Book Two, Korra and Team Avatar embark on a new journey deep into the mythology of the mystical Spirit World to defeat a dark spirit once and for all. In Book Three, Korra discovers new Airbenders all over the Earth Kingdom, she tries to find them and rebuild Air Nation.
The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance Synopses:
In Book Four: Balance, Korra is broken and bruised but begins a journey of self-discovery and survival in a new world where the strong prey on the weak. When an aggressive military force rises up, led by the power hungry Kuvira, the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance and only the Avatar can set things right.
DVD Running Time: 294 minutes
Just a Little More Information:
The Legend of Korra series was recently nominated for IGN's Best TV Animated Series, Best TV Episode (Korra Alone) and Best TV Series of 2014. It was also voted as IGN's Best TV Animated Series in 2012 and was the only animated series on the annual list of iTunes Best TV Shows of 2013.
DVD Special Features:
  • Audio Commentaries from series creators, cast, and crew for 4 episodes
  • Exclusive poster designed by co-creator Bryan Konietzko
  • Kuvira vs Prince Wu
  • Republic City Hustle Part 1
Blu Ray Special Features:
  • Audio Commentaries from series creators, cast, and crew for all 13 episodes
  • Exclusive poster designed by co-creator Bryan Konietzko
  • Kuvira vs Prince Wu
  • Republic City Hustle Part 1, 2, & 3
  • The Legend of Korra: New York Comic-Con Panel featurette
  • The Legend of Pupperbender Presents "The Making of a Legend: The Untold Story-Part II"
Our Thoughts:
Our package from Nickelodeon is here!
" I bet it is a movie!"
We found a DVD and information page
The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance
Before we had reviewed Books Two and Three, we had never heard of or seen The Legend of Korra series. We now are familiar with it and have gotten caught up on all of the books thus far. This book, Book Four: Balance, is the end of the series. It was much easier to understand Book Four this time around. The animation in all of The Legend of Korra series is really well done. It isn't really our style of series, but it draws you in and keeps your attention.
Korra, who has been the main character, is once again the powerful female lead, but this time she is recovering from battle. She is trying to regain her sense of self and just survive and while she is doing this, Kuvira tries to take over the Earth Kingdom. These 13 episodes really show the strength that Korra truly has and why she has been the focus of the series, especially the episode Korra Alone. B hasn't had tons of interest in her, but enjoys watching the episodes play out and the Avatar aspects. The whole series has been full of deep story lines, powerful characters, and epic battles. The fighting and battles can be a little much for what I feel is appropriate for B still, but older viewers would probably find them intriguing. This final book seems to conclude the series in a well developed way.

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Want It? Buy It!
The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance can be purchased anywhere that sells Nickelodeon Home Entertainment products and retails for $19.99/$34.99.
Thanks to Nickelodeon for The Legend of Korra DVD!

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