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Scentsy Delights the Senses in Every Season! Winter #Review

It has been so dark, dreary, snowy, icy, and cold for the past couple of weeks! The children have missed a ton of school due to the inclement weather we have been having in North Carolina, and we have been stuck inside for what seems like months! Don't get me wrong- the snow days have been beautiful. Watching the snow fall, and then glisten after the sun breaks through, is a a true thing of beauty. While we were enjoying the indoors, I was really longing for spring, but then, I received a special gift that made me want to tuck into the last few weeks of winter, and enjoy them.

Presented by Kim Getchell

One of the truly awesome things that we get to do at Mommy's Block Party, is connect our readers with wonderful companies and products. We have a group of Spotlight Sponsors, who we have been working with and featuring on MBP for a long time. Each quarter, we share top product picks from their companies. Kim Getchell is our wonderful Scentsy Consultant, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity work with with Kim this quarter. I personally love all things Scentsy, and have been a Scentsy fan for the past few years. If you don't know much about Scentsy, I would encourage you to browse Kim's personal Scentsy website to learn more about the company, the products and the opportunity. You can check out our team's previous Scentsy reviews, as well!

This package arrived at my doorstep, and I knew I was in for a treat! It had the official Scentsy seal on it, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

As I opened up the Scentsy box, I found four things- two boxes, a Scentsy Bar, and a wrapped surprise!

Since I hadn't been expecting this package of goodies from Scentsy, this was truly a treat! It was like a fun birthday present! I realized that Kim had chosen to send me a new warmer, a new scent and special add-ons for my new warmer, as well!

I laid everything out, so I could get a good look at my new Scentsy products!

First up, we have a Scentsy Charmer Warmer...

...and the base, Charm Pack, and Scentsy Bar (the January Scent of the Month).

One of the things I appreciate about Scentsy, is that they truly take the time to package their products in a way that will ensure safe delivery. Anytime I am to receive something fragile, I am figuratively biting my nails until the package arrives, and sometimes open it with trepidation, afraid that I might find a broken item. Each and every Scentsy package I have ever received has been packed well, and I have never opened a box to find a broken or damaged item.

Styrofoam, cardboard and bubble wrap!

Just FYI- I personally recycle all of the packing materials that I am able to. I removed the products from their packaging, and laid them all out on the table, so I could see what I needed to do, in order to put the warmer together.

In the first box for the Charmer Warmer, I found the charmer shade, the warming dish, the ring, and the light bulb.

In the second box, I found the warmer base, and instructions for use.

If you have never used a Scentsy Warmer before, it is imperative that you read through the instructions for use and directions for use, for your own safety. Scentsy products are appealing because they are plug-in wax warmers, with no burning wicks, but the wax does become hot, and the warmers do need to be kept out of reach of pets and children.

Prepping my Charmer Warmer for use was a breeze!

I know how to put the Scentsy Warmers together without needing the instructions, but I always keep the instructions nearby, in case I have a question. If I had a problem with anything, I knew I could just call or e-mail Kim, and she'd walk me through it- she's fantastic, and cares about her customers, and their experiences with Scentsy products.

I placed the shade over the warmer base, and screwed in the bulb...

...and then placed the Ring around the top, which would give the dish a base to sit on top of.

Next, I added the warming dish, just to make sure that everything looked correct.

I loved the look of this warmer- so simple, yet elegant. My husband was a big fan of the silver base and rim, and couldn't wait to get this warmer plugged in! Did I mention he loves Scentsy as much as I do? This warmer is definitely gender neutral, which he appreciated!

The fun didn't end there- we still needed to add our charms!

Kim really surprised me with this product combo from Scentsy. The Charmer Warmer was totally new to me, and the fun thing about them, is that there is space between the outer glass and inner glass of the warmer, to add charms. You can purchase different charm packs for the different seasons, and create a custom look for holidays, special occasions, etc!

Our Charm Pack included 'ice crystals' and hearts- perfect for Valentine's Day!

We kept the instructions handy, and hubby asked if he could pour the charms into the warmer, which I was happy to have him do, as I would have made a huge mess! He added some of the clear ice crystals, and then sprinkled in a few hearts, added more ice crystals, and then added hearts around the top. We loved the look of the red popping through the clear ice crystal charms- it was such a fun look, but the real treat would come once we got it plugged in!

Of course, we didn't want to plug in our new Scentsy Charmer Warmer without adding our new scent- Ice Hotel!

Here's a closer look at the Ice Hotel Scentsy Bar.

I try not to play favorites when it comes to scents, but I have to be honest- I love Scentsy scents so, so much! They have such nice scents, and there are so many to choose from! I have certain scents that I like for certain rooms of the house- Ice Hotel is a nice, clean scent, so it's perfect to use just about anywhere- we love it! I love Route 66 for the bathroom (my hubby loves this scent, too- and it's being discontinued, so we have to stock up!), I love the bakery scents for the kitchen, and the clean or cake-like scents for B's room.

The finished product- a gorgeous warmer with a beautiful, customized look, and soft glow.

When we plugged our Charmer Warmer in, and placed a piece of the Ice Hotel Bar in the warming dish, within a minute or two, the whole house smelled incredible. My mother-in-law happened to drop by right after we plugged this in, and she loved the scent, and also commented on how pretty the warmer was. Like us, she loved the fact that the charms can be changed. 

The Charmer Warmer is beautiful, and Ice Hotel is being added to my list of personal favorite scents fom Scentsy!

Here are the details of the products we received from Kim...

Charmer Shade
Scentsy Charmer Shade (January Warmer of the Month)


Ice Hotel Scentsy Bar
Ice Hotel Bar (January Scent of the Month)


We're in a new month, so of course, there are featured product for the month of March. Take a look...

Field of Poppies Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

Poppies & Clover Scentsy Bar

Scentsy has so many amazing products to choose from, and Scentsy makes a great gift for just about any occasion! Kim would love to be your Scentsy consultant, if you don't already have one, and is standing by, ready to answer your questions about Scentsy products, set up an online party for you, so you can earn free Scentsy products, or share the Scentsy opportunity with you!

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to Kim's personal Scentsy website to browse all of the beautiful Scentsy warmers, scents, and other great Scentsy products, as well! You can also connect with Kim on Facebook.

Special thanks to MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Kim Getchell for allowing me to share about these beautiful Scentsy products! Be on the lookout for another fabulous Scentsy Spotlight soon!

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  1. I love the look of the Scentsy Charmer Shade! I can't wait to try Ice Hotel and Poppies and Clover!


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