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Pet Memories: Buddy and Diesel

When I was in College, I still lived at home with my parents. My best friend at the time had gotten a puppy and asked if I wanted the last of the litter? I had been talking to my parent's about getting a dog, and the answer was always No! I decided that since I was an adult, I was going to get a puppy. 

I went with my friend and met the lady who was giving away the dogs, in a Kmart Parking lot. I rolled down the window and she shoved this tiny puppy into my car and said "here, I've been calling it puppy, give it a good name. If you need his papers, let me know." and she walked away. I sat there stunned that she left this tiny puppy in my arms with no care or instructions. 

 Buddy's first day home! 

I drove all the way home with him sleeping on my arm, and tried to think of the perfect name. I have a huge love for the movie Elf, and for the show Charles in Charge, while most people wouldn't see a common thread here, there is. The two goofy, but lovable characters in each is named Buddy. There was no doubt in my mind that this dog would be named Buddy. I fell instantly in love with him. Buddy by the way is a Shorkie, Shi' tzu-Yorkie mix. 

Hiding in a skirt on the floor. 

 My parent's were not thrilled with me that I defied them and brought home a dog. There were many moments were I was told to find him a new home, he was no longer welcome, especially after he chewed a few holes in their carpet. But, after all the tears, he was always allowed to stay. 

Still hiding in the clothes

Buddy the Elf! 

That was nearly 10 years ago, and several homes and states later, Buddy is still here with us. He's getting older and we're pretty sure he has arthritis, but he still gets around as best he can. Almost 2 years ago, we adopted another dog, Diesel from a no kill shelter. We had gone to Petsmart to get Buddy some stuff, and we ended up getting him a brother. 

Diesel's First day!

Two months later! 

Diesel, is some kind of mutt. We're really not sure what kind of dog he is, but what we do know is he is a hot mess! We taught him how to chew his food, he's been through two bouts of worms, digs holes and tunnel in the yard, kills moles, destroys anything in his reach, sneaks toys outside and scratches the living daylights out of you when you least expect it, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

Sharing a toy! 

Giving each other kisses!

He is such a loving and caring dog, that is just trying to find his place in this testosterone filled house. He's brought out the playful side of Buddy and while Buddy is such a mean little stink, I know deep down he loves Diesel! Theses dog's are my world and I couldn't imagine a day without them! I'm so glad they found us and we found them! 

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