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Monday Motivation- Take a Step

Hello friends! It's the start of another week, and I want to take a few minutes to encourage you with a story from last week. As you may already know, in addition to being a part of the MBP team, I am also an Avon representative. Once in a while, I will get a call from a potential new customer, which I love, because I enjoy talking on the phone (most of the time), and getting to know new people. 

Earlier this year, I took a step outside of my comfort zone (I get a little shy about promoting my business) and contacted the person in charge of coordinating discounts for people that were a part of local senior centers (there are 6 of them in my town!) and asked to be included in the program. A few months have passed, and finally this week I got not 1, but 2 calls! 

The second call ended up being a woman who wanted me to do a home visit. I've gone to a customer's home to drop off orders, but I have never done an initial home visit. I agreed and we set a day and time, but I have to tell you I was feeling really anxious and didn't really want to go. In fact, the 2 days before the visit, I was trying to think of any excuse to cancel the appointment, but I couldn't think of one. 

When I called the day of to confirm the appointment, she didn't answer. I was really relieved and left a message. As I was getting Drew ready for school, I was really hoping she wouldn't call back, but right before we left the house, the phone started ringing and it was her. There was seriously no avoiding it now. I quickly looked up directions to her house, found out it was less than 2 minutes from our house, and brought Drew to school.

It was time! I texted Matt the address (just in case) and headed on over. Do you know what happened? We hit it off right away based on our mutual love for purple (we were both wearing it). We sat and chatted for about a half an hour; she showed me what she liked from the book, but we pretty much just had a great time talking and getting to know one another. 

I took a step (and then a few more) outside of my comfort zone and those steps have been yielding some pretty great results so far! I want to encourage you to do the same. Do something you've been dreaming about, but keep letting 'fear' hold you back from. You deserve what's at the other end of your comfort zone! 

If you do step outside of your comfort zone today, or at all during the week, I want to hear all about it, so be sure to leave a comment! I hope you enjoy your day and the rest of the week too! 


  1. Congrats on stepping outside of your comfort zone. I find it really difficult to do as well. Hopefully I will be as successful as you were next time I need to!

    1. Thanks Emily! It's really overwhelming at first, usually because I tend to hype things up so much, but it all ends up working out so great.

    2. Thanks Emily! It's really overwhelming at first, usually because I tend to hype things up so much, but it all ends up working out so great.


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