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Lunchbox Buddies Review


Introducing Lunchbox Buddies™, silly notes that are a great new way to add a little fun to your child's day. Each note has a different goofy character and a playful message. Simply pull one off and pack it in your child's lunch — it's that easy! (And there's plenty of room to add your own personal message, too). Lunchbox Buddies makes lunchtime fun for everyone!

Created by professional designer and father of three, Jim Adorney, Lunchbox Buddies provides a quick and easy way to make healthy lunches more fun. With creative collections ranging from superheroes to space creatures, each packet of Lunchbox Buddies contains a month’s worth of silly characters and messages to add excitement to what kids may consider to be a ‘boring’ healthy lunch.
                                          Yay!  Our package arrived!!

I pack my 6 year old son's lunch most days and it's hard to find much to "mix it up".  When he was in Preschool the sweet, little "I love you" notes were fine but put that in there now and it's the end of the world.  I received two packs of Lunchbox Buddies and what a hit!!  Aiden saw them when they arrived and immediately thumbed through the pack.  He could read most of them and thought they were hilarious.  He picked his favorites and even asked me to put in different ones for certain friends.  He came home after the first day of me putting one in his lunchbox and was so proud that his Lunchbox Buddy had been passed around the table at lunch.  They were a hit with his friends at the lunch table and he can't wait to see which one is in his lunch every day.  He usually checks in the morning on the way to school.  I feel good knowing that when he sees that at lunch every day he will think of Mommy and know how much he is loved.

Aiden and I both thought these were cute.

He thinks they are pretty cool.

Aiden couldn't wait to rip them open and check them out.

Reading them and picking out his favorites.

So far, these three have been Aiden's favorites.

A little funny for the lunchbox.

Want it? Buy it!

To purchase your Lunchbox Buddies go to www.lunchboxbuddies.com

Thank you to Lunchbox Buddies for the fun addition to our usually boring lunches!!

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