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Keep Your Floors Clean at Meal Time with Neater Feeder. #Review, #Giveaway

When Diesel was a puppy, he didn't know how to eat. We rescued him from a no kill shelter and were told that he was eating dry puppy food very well. We should have no problem. After the first week, we quickly realized that Diesel didn't know how to chew. He would swallow his food whole and then throw it up later. After a quick talk with our vet, we learned we needed to watch how quickly he ate since he is susceptible to bloat. After months of feeding him his food one piece at a time, he learned to chew his food and eat slowly. Our Vet also suggested we get him a raised feeder to help with digestion. 

Diesel waiting to go home from the Kennel after Christmas!

We searched the local pet stores for a feeder that would be perfect for him. Diesel is a large dog, he weighs 75lb, but he is not very tall dog. All of the feeders we found were either too tall or way to short for him to reach the food  correctly. I was beginning to think that we were never going to find a feeder for him, until I remembered hearing about the Neater Feeder.

Diesel can be a very messy eater, he's also very picky. If he doesn't like a piece of food, he spits it out on the floor and leaves it there. Once he's done eating, there's usually a large pile of half eaten food on the floor. It's pretty gross, and it can be a pain if you happen to step on a stray piece. Needless to say, I was willing to try anything, and since I had heard such good things about the Neater Feeder, I couldn't to try it.

Our Neater Feeder has arrived. 
So easy to put together, I really love how it came packaged! 

If you are not familiar with the Neater Feeder, it is a pet feeder that sit off the floor inside of a stand. The plastic piece that holds the food and water bowls have small holes in the bottom of the bin to collect food and let the water drain to the piece that holds it off the floor. It's almost like a strainer and it's a really cool concept and design. There are three different sizes for dogs small, medium and large, and one size for cats and come in 2 colors, cranberry and bronze.

Cat Feeder:
Food Bowl Capacity: 1 Cup
Water Bowl Capacity: 1.5 Cups
Pet Weight Range: All
Pet Shoulder Height-Standard: Up to 6 inches
Pet Shoulder Height-with Leg Extensions:6 + inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim) Standard: 3 inches
Feeding Height with Leg Extensions: 4.5 inches
Dimensions-Standard: 14L x 9W x 6H
Dimensions-Leg Extensions: 14L x 9W x 7.5H

Small Dog Feeder:
Food Bowl Capacity: 1.5 Cups
Water Bowl Capacity: 2.2 Cups 
Pet Weigh Range: Up to 18 lbs
Pet Shoulder Height-Standard: Up to 6 inches
Pet Shoulder Height-with Leg Extensions: 6-9 inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim): 3 inches
Feeding Height with Leg Extensions: 4.5 inches
Dimensions-Standard: 14L x 9W x 6H
Dimensions-Leg Extensions: 14L x 9W x 7.5H

Medium Dog Feeder:
Food Bowl Capacity: 3.5 Cups 
Water Bowl Capacity: 5 Cups
Pet Weight Range:15-40 lbs
Pet Shoulder Height-Standard: 9-12 inches
Pet Shoulder Height-Leg Extensions: 12-16 inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim) Standard: 5 inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim) Leg extensions: 7.5 inches
Dimensions-Standard: 18L x 11W x 10H
Dimensions-Leg Extensions: 18L x 11W x 12.5H 

Large Dog Feeder:
Food Bowl Capacity: 7 Cups
Water Bowl Capacity: 9 Cups
Pet Weight Range: 35-100 lbs
Pet Shoulder Height: 15-21 inches
Pet Shoulder Height-Leg Extensions: 20+ inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim) Standard: 8 inches
Feeding Height (at bowl rim) Leg Extensions: 11 inches
Standard Dimensions: 21L x 13W x 14.5H
Dimensions-Leg Extensions: 21L x 13W x 17.5H

Can you see Diesel's paws under the table? 
He was anxiously awaiting his new Neater Feeder.

We decided since Diesel weighs around 75 lbs, that we would need to go with the large Neater Feeder and picked the cranberry color to go with the colors in our home. The feeder arrived quickly, and comes with four pieces and the leg extensions. A water bowl, a food bowl, the piece that holds the bowls and the mess collecting bin. It was easy to assemble, and with a quick wash of the bowls, we were ready to test it out. 

The Neater Feeder all ready to go. See the drain area, that is where 
the water drains out and the food is caught. 

I set the bowl by the back door and added his food and water to the feeder. Diesel slowly walked over to the feeder and began to sniff it out. With very little coaxing, he started to eat his food. It took him a few times to understand he needed to eat from the opening in the front of the feeder. He kept trying to eat over the side of the feeder and was choking himself.... Silly dog! 

He's trying to eat over the side! 
The tan piece is where the water drains to. 

Without hesitation, he continued to eat his food and began his ritual of spitting out the food he didn't like. After he was finished, there was a lot of left over, food that had filled the drain area. It was so easy to scoop the food up and throw it away. No more getting on the floor on my hands and knees to pick up the food, or having to sweep it up. I was immediately impressed with the easy clean up. 

Hooray! He figured it out! 

The best thing is how it keeps the water off the floor. I recently fell on the tile floor because I slipped on a puddle of water that had spilled out of his bowl. While I was a little banged up, I was more than fed up with all the water being splashed out of the bowl and onto the floor. I'm glad that I was the one who fell and not a guest. Diesel began lapping up his water like he'd never had a drink in his life. He was like a wild dog and the water was going everywhere in the feeder. I let him drink to his hearts content and was prepared to clean up after him. There was not a drop of water on the floor, it had all drained to the piece below. 

Look at all that water in the bottom basin. I told you, Diesel is a messy eater and drinker. Can you imagine having to wipe all that off your floors, well not anymore! 

All I had to do was take off the piece that holds the bowls and dump the water out. It's that simple! Why has no one thought of this before! The Neater Feeder has made a huge difference in our lives and for our home. Diesel loves to eat from it and I am not embarrassed to have it sitting out in my home. It also comes apart easily to clean or store, and it travels well. I've taken it to the kennel before and the vet techs are always impressed and asking what kind of feeder it is. They all agree that it is an ingenious design and would make meal time a lot easier. I couldn't agree more! 

The Neater Feeder in all its glory. Water bowl, food bowl, top and bottom. 
It also has rubber grips on the bottom so it doesn't move or tip over. 

I've not had a need to use the leg extensions for feeding, however; I have used them to keep Diesel out of the water bowl at night. He has a bad habit of waiting until bedtime to drink unfathomable amounts of water. We've started limiting his water at night to keep him from getting bloat since he can't seem to control himself. Speaking of bloat, that is always a huge concern for us with him, Neater Feeder also offers a slow bowl for those dogs who just can't seem to slow down and enjoy their food. 

He's getting annoyed with me taking his picture while he's trying to eat.

We've worked hard with Diesel and we watch him closely when it's time to eat. However; we can't always be with for all his meals, and as much as I ask my kennel to watch him while he eats, I know they can't always do that. I plan on ordering the slow bowl for when we are away and he can't be watched. It's piece of mind and I am so happy that I found one that works with a raised feeder. Our old solution was the slow bowl and a shoe box, it didn't work out very well, as you can imagine! 

Diesel enjoying his Neater Feeder! 

The Neater Feeder is one of the best products pet products that I've come across. I'm so glad that we took the leap and decided to try it out. It has made a huge difference in our lives. Our floors stay clean, there are no more spills or crazy messes to sweep up. Just dump the water in my garden and toss the uneaten pieces in the trash! It's a time saver and for that I am ever grateful to Neater Feeder! 

I am so excited that one of our lucky MBP Readers will win their very own Neater Feeder of choice! Isn't that fantastic? Here's to our pets, cleaner floors and no more messes! 

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Good Luck! 

I want to say a huge thank you to Neater Feeder for allowing me to review their Large Feeder and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway! 


  1. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats and they are all very messy! This dish is so nice I gave one to a friend when he got his new rescue dog because he had hard wood floors and he loves it!

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