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Healthier Lunches on the Go with #Bentgo #Review + #Giveaway

This time of year, there's nothing we love more than spending time outdoors. One of mine and B's favorite things to do on a bright, sunny spring day, is to head out to the backyard, or to the neighborhood park with a picnic lunch. If we have a free weekend, we might even convince my hubby to take a day trip up to the mountains for a day of hiking and picnicking!

Packing a picnic for picky eaters can be oh, so un-fun. Everyone wants something different, and I have found that the best thing to do, is to personalize everyone's lunches by giving everyone their own lunch box. This way, everyone gets what they like, and there's no whining- sometimes, there are even a few fun surprises!


Bentgo is committed to supporting their customers who strive to live healthy, balanced lifestyles. With the help of their awesome spokeswoman, co-founder (and mom), Bonnie, Bentgo introduced their Bentgo lunchboxes- the all-in-one, bento-inspired meal solution that is as beautiful as it is functional. After the success of the Bengto lunchboxes, Bentgo introduced Bentgo Kids, a mom-approved lunch solution created for younger children between the ages of 3 and 7. 

Whether we're on a day trip, or just out running errands, we are constantly eating on the run. I was determined to put an end to picking up fast food, and to start packing healthy lunch options for my family. We were offered the opportunity to give one of the Bentgo Kids lunchboxes a try, and we couldn't wait to see how it would make lunchtime easier for our family.

Our Bentgo Kids Lunchbox arrived, and B couldn't wait to check it out!

'This looks cool, mommy! I can't wait to have my lunch in this!'

The Bentgo Kids Lunchbox arrived in eco-friendly packaging, which we kindly recycled.

The back of the packaging gave pertinent information about the product, including notes on being microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. (Note- the tray is microwave and dishwasher safe.)

B was super excited to try out his new Bentgo Kids lunchbox, and he loved that he received a green one (also available in purple and blue).

Before we could put the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox to the test, I wanted to check it out. I was first off impressed by how sturdy the product was. It's made from thick, BPA, lead, vinyl and PVC free materials, and is FDA approved. It weighs just over 1 pound, so it's light enough to be carried by a child, yet heavy enough not to take off on a windy day. The lunchbox has a non-slip grip around the top and bottom edges, and a leak-proof seal.

The food tray comes out of the lunchbox with ease, and has five compartments- perfect for the main entree, sides, snacks, a juice box, and a condiment.

The food tray sits right in the bottom portion of the lunchbox, and the top closes down over it. You can see each compartment area on the food tray it outlined in a seal, around the top lid of the lunchbox, to prevent leaking. What a great idea!

The food compartments are spacious, giving you plenty of room to include anything from a sandwich to yummy leftovers.

When you're ready to pack it up, just close the lid, press it down, and press in the locks on the side.

I wondered whether or not my 4-year-old would be able to open and close the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox on his own. Once I showed him how to pop open the lock seals, he was good to go, and I had nothing to worry about. B is able to carry his lunchbox around with no trouble at all, and any which way he turns it (flipped over or upside down), we have not yet experienced any leaks or spills.

The Bentgo Kids Lunchbox allows me to pack a lunch tailored to my child's likes. Here, I was able to include crescent rolls, hidden veggie noodles, cuties, cheese, and some peanut butter.

I quickly realized that if I had tried to pack a lunch for B the old fashioned way, I would have wound up using a whole bunch of little containers (that I might not ever see again), or little baggies, which would just wind up being trashed, and is wasteful.

B loves being able to take his Bentgo Kids Lunchbox outside for a picnic!

I love being able to pack a well balanced meal for my son. Above, B snacks on cuties, rice, chicken, dried cranberries and a few cheese puffs. Regardless of what my husband and I might be eating, it's so easy for me to pack what B likes to eat, and hand him his Bentgo Lunchbox, whether we're at home, or in the car. Now, I can feel good about sending him to school with a lunch from home on Wednesdays, when his preschool offers their Lunch Bunch program (eating lunch at school with friends, and extra play time). It won't be long before I am packing a school lunch for B every day, and I am so glad that we have the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox! I know we will wind up purchasing additional trays ($4.99), to help keep a steady flow of clean lunch trays for the lunchbox.

The Bentgo Kids Lunchbox tray is microwave and dishwasher safe. This of course, is music to my ears! It is recommended, however, that the lunchbox itself be hand washed to preserve the seal. We can't thank Bentgo enough for introducing us to their Kids Lunchbox- it has forever changed how I think about packing a lunch for my child, in the best possible way!

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Bentgo Lunchboxes just plain make packing lunches easier! If you're looking for some great healthy lunchbox meal options, check out the Bentgo Kids Pinterest Board for some fun ideas!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Bentgo to get to know more about their wonderful company, and to browse their entire line of Bentgo and Bentgo Kids products! You can also connect with Bentgo on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own Bentgo Kids Lunchbox ($39.99 RV). What a great giveaway to start off picnic season! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entry per household. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to our friends at Bentgo for introducing us to their wonderful products, and for offering this fantastic giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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