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Fitness Friday: Get Outside and Get Moving

Only two weeks ago, snow was covering the ground and the threat of more snow loomed heavily in the forecast. Now, the snow has melted and Spring is in the air. The grass is growing, the daffodils are blooming, and the birds are chirping. Nature is calling my name and I've been looking for any excuse to get outside and enjoy it. 

My garden in bloom!

I started thinking how could I incorporate my workout, outside? I'm not a runner and walking doesn't always cut it, I wanted something different. Then I remembered that I got a bicycle for my birthday last year. It's a bit dusty, and the tires are in desperate need of air, but it is begging to be taken for a ride. 

This is the same bike as mine, but this one is a lot cleaner, 
and has never been hit by my car! 

When Cory gets home tonight, I am going to have him air the tires and I'm going to head out through the neighborhood. Last time I rode this bike, a group of teens laughed at me, but they were just jealous of my cool bike and my mad skills! Right?! Ok, maybe not, but we can't let the nay-sayers bring us down. 

I wonder how many calories this would burn!
 Might need to convert my bike!

Go out and do your thing. Enjoy the fresh air and if biking isn't for you, there are so many more activities that will get your heart rate up. You may find your yard is in need of a mow, mowing burns 259 calories an hour. What about raking all those left over leaves? Raking burns 173 calories and hour. Gardening in general can burn 230 calories an hour. 

It's amazing what a little bit of fresh air can do for you. I love this time of year and can't wait to get outdoors and get the blood pumping and the heart rate thumping! What sort of outdoor activities do you love to do?

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